Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving 2012

Need some ideas and recipes for a gluten-free Thanksgiving this year? Here are some of our favorite recipes from the past few years on! Enjoy! And if you need help planning out your entire Thanksgiving menu from start to finish, check out our 5 day guide for an Easy GF Thanksgiving

Main Dishes:

Roasted Turkey Breast (with instructions for easy Brining)

Don't want turkey or chicken? 
Make a big pot of Gluten-Free Bolognese Sauce!

Side Dishes:

Green Bean Casserole (From Gluten-Free Mommy)

Desserts & Pies

Need more Gluten Free Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out these great links:

What do you HAVE to eat every year at Thanksgiving? 
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  1. Love your 5 day guide! Don't know how I missed it before, and the almond joy pie, too!

  2. Love this post - need to share this with a few people.

  3. You know what I've really struggled most with being gluten free? While we occasionally help organize holidays so I can eat most of the food, more often than not I am surrounded by people eating things filled with gluten (or at least contaminated) and I need to make a one-person meal. There's a lot of information available online for people remaking a family Thanksgiving gluten free, but it's difficult to find ideas for someone making a gluten free option for just one person while watching everyone else enjoying stuffed turkey, rolls, pie, contaminated potatoes, etc.