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Note of Thanks:
Many thanks go out to my incredible husband Michael (the hottie above) for always being a willing recipe tester and for being so incredibly supportive of this site and of my mission to make gluten-free recipes easy, healthy, and accessible. Without him, this site and these recipes would never have been created. Thanks babe! I've always been sure of you!

About Carrie: 
My name is Carrie Forbes and I LOVE baking and cooking gluten free. I've been creating original gluten free recipes since 2007. My journey to health began in August 2007 when I realized that gluten was the primary culprit behind the horrible migraines and GI symptoms I had experienced for years. By early 2009, I realized that soy & dairy/casein were also contributing factors to additional GI symptoms and allergy problems, so they were removed from my diet as well. With the offending foods now eliminated from my diet, I am symptom free.

I'm a gluten-free food writer, recipe creator, cookbook author, home baker, and a cook. I am passionate about sharing and eating healthy, whole, and nourishing foods. My recipes and this blog have slowly evolved through the years. You will find many recipes that I consider "old" comfort foods. Recipes full of sugar, not-so-good-for-you fats, and recipes high in simple carbohydrates. Many recipes prior to 2009 have dairy/casein & soy in them as well. I have left these recipes here not only to remember my journey, but also because I hope people without the food limitations that I have will still find these recipes useful (and yummy!)

Newer recipes on Gingerlemongirl.com focus less on gluten-free baking and more on creating naturally gluten-free meals. Because of my own personal health issues (such as being pre-diabetic) I am now creating  lower carbohydrate meals, menu plans, and I love to focus on eating healthy, locally-grown seasonal vegetables along with locally raised beef, pork, eggs, and chicken.

About Baking Ingredients used on Gingerlemongirl.com: 
From mid-2008 to the present you will find recipes and articles that focus on what I consider much healthier food options. Since gluten free baking is a very popular topic around here, I'll share with you the main ingredients that I use in nearly all of my baking recipes on this site: 

  • A focus on gluten free whole grains and low glycemic flours and starches. For most baking recipes on my blog you'll need 3 flours: 2 whole grains and 1 starch. My flours of choice are: brown rice flour, sorghum flour, millet flour, and arrowroot starch. I often add additional fiber to recipes with ground flax seeds. For lower glycemic baking, I use almond flour and coconut flour. You can make almost ALL of the baked goods on this site using these ingredients. I buy almost all of my gluten free flours and ground flax seeds from Bob's Red Mill. These flours have all been ground in a dedicated facility and are batch tested to make sure they are gluten free. Please note that I am absolutely not in any way affiliated or paid by the company, I'm just a huge fan of Bob's awesome employee-owned establishment! I purchase almond flour from Honeyville Farms and I purchase coconut flour and coconut oil from Tropical Traditions
  • A focus on using less sugar for lower glycemic recipes. Most of my recent recipes use 1/4 cup of sugar or less. I also often bake with other sugars such as honey, maple syrup, coconut palm sugar, and agave nectar
  • A focus on cooking and baking with healthy fats and proteins. Coconut oil. Olive oil. Grapeseed Oil. Almond butter. Ground nuts. Organic, free range eggs. For the occasional cookie, Spectrum Palm shortening is sometimes used. Generally when I use oil in a recipe, it will almost always be coconut oil

About Gluten Free Nutrition Information: 
Please remember that I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or health practitioner of any type and therefore I cannot give dietary or health advice. I can only passionately share what I have learned about gluten free baking, cooking, and nourishing, healthy foods. Please consult your natural practitioner or doctor about any personal changes in diet or exercise. 

About Using Gingerlemongirl Recipes or Photos:
Please don't steal. If you would like to use any of the recipes and/or pictures that appear on my site you may use them as long you give me full credit and link back to Gingerlemongirl.com. It would also make my day if you sent an email to: gingerlemongirl (at) gmail (dot) com to let me know where you shared my materials!

About Cookbooks, Press Coverage, and Freelance Writing: 

1) My first cookbook is a small self-published e-cookbook entitled, "Gluten-Free Baking 101." 
You can purchase and/or learn more information about this well-loved, beginner cookbook through my online store. I love the simplicity of this book and how it teaches that everyone can learn the basics of gluten-free baking!

2) My 2nd cookbook is "The Everything Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Cookbook."
Published by Adams Media, October 2012. This is my first cookbook through a publishing company and it's a fantastic compilation of super easy and delicious gluten-free meals using your slow cooker. I'm extremely excited about this cookbook and how much it will help gluten-free families! The recipes in this book are incredibly easy to make and have been kitchen tested by fellow gluten-free friends and bloggers. You will find a variety of recipes in this cookbook ranging from "whole foods" type recipes to super easy recipes using pantry-staples. This cookbook is intended to help people learn how to use their slow cookers to create healthy meals on a daily basis. While the cookbook is absolutely gluten-free, not all the recipes listed are dairy-free, but they can be easily converted using simple substitutions.

Press Coverage: 
I have written recent articles and created original recipes for the following publications:

Available for Freelance Writing: 
Please contact me (gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com) to see additional samples of my writing and for hiring information.

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