Gluten-Free 101

Need help figuring out how to start a gluten-free diet?

You're definitely not alone. 
Please check out this list of resources for information on how to cook, bake, 
eat, shop, and live gluten-free! 

This page will be updated regularly with new resources. 

The "How to go Gluten-Free" Series from Schar Foods. 
These videos were created with the help of Lauren-Lucille Vasser, founder of The Celiac Diva. Lauren-Lucille is a trained actress with a wicked sense of humor and a love of all things gluten-free after learning it was the culprit behind numerous health problems she had experienced for years.  Lauren-Lucille continues to work with Schar Foods in creating helpful videos for those new to being gluten-free.
  1. How To Start A Gluten-Free Life
  2. How To Go Shopping Gluten-Free
  3. How To Set Up Your Gluten-Free Kitchen
  4. How To Prepare Gluten-Free Meals
  5. How To Dine Out Gluten-Free
  6. How To Be Gluten-Free When Traveling
  7. How To Bake Gluten-Free For The Holidays
  8. How To Have A Gluten-Free Party
  9. How To Get Properly Diagnosed & Treated For Celiac Disease

The Celiac Disease/ Gluten-Free Videos Project from Cheryl Harris of Harris Whole Health
Cheryl Harris is a registered dietitian with a Master's in Public Health Nutrition. She is also a certified breastfeeding counselor as well as a certified wellness & health coach. Cheryl runs a private counseling practice in Northern, VA. Cheryl is an established & published expert on the gluten-free diet, often consulting with national newspapers and news sources. And due to personal health issues, Cheryl follows a gluten-free diet as well (along with having multiple other food sensitivities.) Cheryl, along with the help of Dr. John Snyder and Dr. Gary Kaplan created this series of videos as a free resource for anyone who needs to learn about what following a gluten-free diet is all about. Cheryl also blogs at Gluten Free Goodness.

Gluten-Free Beginner Website Guides:

Gluten-Free Online Printable PDF Guides: 

Gluten-Free Beginner Tips for Cooking & Baking:

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  1. Thank you very much for all the information and recipes. It's is a great help. Thank you, Sue


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