Tuesday, September 27, 2011

vegan banana peach "ice-cream"

The past few months I've been cutting back on my processed sugar intake. So less baked goods, more fruit! I allow myself to have 1-2 servings of fruit a day. Lately, I've been "saving" my fruit servings to use as dessert after dinner.

For years I've heard about people making one ingredient ice-cream in their vitamix or blendtec blenders by simply pulverizing frozen bananas. To be honest, I kinda laughed at the idea. For one, I've never been a HUGE banana fan. Secondly... it just sort of sounded impossible.

But then I tried it. (Here's a quick little video to show you how.) 

And it was another "foot in mouth" moment. It's seriously delicious... and strangely enough -- because it's so cold, it tastes more like ice-cream than bananas! Now generally I have to add about 1/4 cup of almond milk in with my frozen fruit to get my machine to process the "ice-cream" smooth enough -- I think it's because my vitamix is an older refurbished model (I still love him). But that's all I do!

I usually mix one frozen banana with a handful for frozen strawberries or peaches. Sometimes blueberries. Sometimes a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. Sometimes a tablespoon of vanilla. I never have to add sugar. It's completely sweet enough just as it is.

On last night's serving I drizzled a little honey on top. Honestly, it was just for the picture. It absolutely didn't need the additional sweetness.

Have you made "one-ingredient" banana ice cream? What are your favorite combinations? Let's chat! Right here on the blog. If you look over to the left you'll see a blue box just for you. Talk with me. I want to hear about how you would make your banana ice cream.

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  1. Every time I see a recipe like this, I remind myself I really need to get a vitamix. Sounds great. Only thing better would be topping it with almond butter and chocolate.

  2. that looks yummy! i bet the banana would be good with pumpkin too (i'm obsessed with pumpkin now that it's fall!).

  3. I'm going to have to try this. Ice cream is the one thing we haven't tried in our Blendtec yet! Everything else has been fantastic! That mixer was so worth the money - and for anyone considering a Vitamix or Blendtec, watch Costco for their visits - they're cheaper and the lifetime guarantee of Costco purchases applies. Just FYI. Right now though, I'm off to make a couple of batches of your pb cupcakes for ds to take to his class for his eighth birthday! They are his absolute favorite; I can't keep them in the house!

  4. We use our Cuisinart food processor for our banana only "ice-cream". I love watching it transform into ice-cream! I make myself walk away while it is processing so that I don't stop it too soon. Too soon means I'm short of the magic moment, and just get a lovely frozen banana cream.
    We have done honey, sprinkled in cocoa powder or added a nut butter. But, the favourite at our house is JUST banana.

  5. My favorite combo is cocoa powder, almond butter, a few DF chocolate chips, and some cherries (ate a ton of this during the summer!). So good!

  6. I use my food processor to make my banana ice cream as well, my favorite ingredient to mix in? Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, I'm not vegan but this stuff is better than Nutella!

  7. just froze some bananas!