Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?" -- book review & giveaway

I heard about this lovely little book when it was published last year on September 9, 2010. There are many celiac kids in our local community and quite a few in our gluten free support group. Yet as a group leader, I had absolutely no materials to help them understand celiac disease. 

Honestly, needing a helpful celiac children's book didn't even cross my mind until a friend (with a celiac daughter) asked me to speak to her local Girl Scout troop a few weeks ago.

(Speaking of which, please sign this online petition to encourage the powers that be of the Girl Scouts to create an allergen free/ gluten free cookie to sell, instead of making celiac girls sell cookies they cannot even eat!) 

The first (and only) resource I thought of was Katie's beautiful book called, "Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?" And I needed a copy ASAP! After doing some initial research I was completely shocked at how few books there currently are that explain celiac disease and the gluten free diet to children.

I quickly contacted Katie and she generously agreed to send me a copy, along with a copy to giveaway to my readers!

Katie's book is perfect for the fall season! With beautiful colors and a simple, understandable story... Katie shares how she helps her daughter understand what celiac disease is. I love Katie's positive outlook on celiac disease and how she helps her daughter understand that life will be just as good as it was before, that they simply have to change some of the foods that they used to eat.

Using language and pictures that children will appreciate and understand -- the story shares simple questions and answers about what celiac disease is, how it affects a child's body, and how doctors and families can treat the disease with diet.

I've read the book twice now and I love the joy it shares. As adults, we often get frustrated or bogged down by the challenges of celiac disease, but we don't think about how blessed we are to be able to make our bodies healthy by simply choosing the right foods.

Katie's sweet story is wonderful to read and I look forward to sharing it with my nephew Christopher when I see him next to help him understand why I have to follow a gluten free diet.

Would you like a copy of this book? Simply leave me a comment here on the blog and tell me who you would share this story with! You have until midnight, Thursday October 6th to enter a comment to win!

And meanwhile if you'd like to buy a copy, Katie offers the books at a discount through her website, where they are actually cheaper than if you were to order them through Amazon! This book would be perfect for school libraries, doctor's offices, gluten free support groups, and just for spreading celiac awareness in general!

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