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"Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?" -- book review & giveaway

I heard about this lovely little book when it was published last year on September 9, 2010. There are many celiac kids in our local community and quite a few in our gluten free support group. Yet as a group leader, I had absolutely no materials to help them understand celiac disease. 

Honestly, needing a helpful celiac children's book didn't even cross my mind until a friend (with a celiac daughter) asked me to speak to her local Girl Scout troop a few weeks ago.

(Speaking of which, please sign this online petition to encourage the powers that be of the Girl Scouts to create an allergen free/ gluten free cookie to sell, instead of making celiac girls sell cookies they cannot even eat!) 

The first (and only) resource I thought of was Katie's beautiful book called, "Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?" And I needed a copy ASAP! After doing some initial research I was completely shocked at how few books there currently are that explain celiac disease and the gluten free diet to children.

I quickly contacted Katie and she generously agreed to send me a copy, along with a copy to giveaway to my readers!

Katie's book is perfect for the fall season! With beautiful colors and a simple, understandable story... Katie shares how she helps her daughter understand what celiac disease is. I love Katie's positive outlook on celiac disease and how she helps her daughter understand that life will be just as good as it was before, that they simply have to change some of the foods that they used to eat.

Using language and pictures that children will appreciate and understand -- the story shares simple questions and answers about what celiac disease is, how it affects a child's body, and how doctors and families can treat the disease with diet.

I've read the book twice now and I love the joy it shares. As adults, we often get frustrated or bogged down by the challenges of celiac disease, but we don't think about how blessed we are to be able to make our bodies healthy by simply choosing the right foods.

Katie's sweet story is wonderful to read and I look forward to sharing it with my nephew Christopher when I see him next to help him understand why I have to follow a gluten free diet.

Would you like a copy of this book? Simply leave me a comment here on the blog and tell me who you would share this story with! You have until midnight, Thursday October 6th to enter a comment to win!

And meanwhile if you'd like to buy a copy, Katie offers the books at a discount through her website, where they are actually cheaper than if you were to order them through Amazon! This book would be perfect for school libraries, doctor's offices, gluten free support groups, and just for spreading celiac awareness in general!

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  1. I would share it with my 7 year old son that has celiac disease... Would be a great resource--thanks!

  2. Love that there is a children's book explaining celiac! Books are so powerful and children understand so much more than adults. Thanks for sharing
    Sandra R

  3. We are currently experimenting with a GFCF/dye-free diet for my son. He was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and we are trying this diet as a means of warding off his "fuzzies" while avoiding medications. It has been a Godsend so far!

  4. Would love to share with my daughter that has celiac disease. We are at the point of trying to educate her so that one day she will be able to care for herself!
    Corrina Kelley

  5. What an awesome book! I would share it w/my four children and my extended family, as well! It would be a great resource to read to our homeschool group to explain why we eat differently ;)
    Thanks for the chance to win,

  6. I would love to share this story with my two daughters who are celiacs, like their Dad. It has been a hard road with them both at a young age (2 & 4) and teaching them what they can and can't have and explaining that they can't always have the same foods/treats as their friends. I always try and plan ahead and have the same foods in the gluten free version for them but sometimes it happens when we aren't prepared and sometimes for little kids it just isn't fair :(
    I would love a book they could read to see that there are other girls out there like them and it would be great if they had a book they could bring to their preschool that they could share with their other friends so that there was more of an understanding and so that they could feel special reading a book about a girl who is extra special just like them!!!


  7. My godmother's almost 90-year-old father was diagnosed with celiac in the last month! He lives with her and they have had to obv. completely change the way he's eaten for almost 100 years. But she says she can already see a difference in his health. I don't need the book, but I'm onboard with teaching kids (and schools) the need for options. And COME ON, Girl Scouts! Get with the 21st Century!

  8. I would take this book into the class of 2-yr-olds I teach and help them better understand their classmates with food allergies (one is Celiac). I'd also use this book with my nephew and my future kids to help them understand food allergies and why their aunt/mom is so careful about what she eats.

  9. I would love this book to read this book to my son's class. Since that start of the year he has come home several times very upset thy kids have been teasing him because he "eats weird food". And that he is a "baby because his mommy pack his lunch every day." For a 5 year old this is very hard to get over and earth shattering!

  10. I'd love to share this with my 6 year old daughter (after 2 years of daily stomach aches and the dr's saying it was "normal for kids to have tummy aches" or "constipation" I removed gluten and we're now on day 12 without a stomach ache). I'd probably also share it with my 65 year old mother who after telling multiple times of the changes we're making bought a LARGE box of goldfish crackers for my kids (gee thanks mom).

  11. Hi! Not entering the contest because I have the book, but just wanted to chime in that I lov Katies book.Great story for kids and fun colorful illustrations and photos. I have already signed the Girl Scout cookie petition too. I am the leader for my daughter's troop, and agree it would be nice to have a gluten-free/allergan free cookie available. Will share on my FB page and Twitter!

  12. I would share this book with my young grandchildren to explain Celiac Disease.

  13. I would share this with my 2 daughters. They do not have Celiac Disease (yet?!?), but I think it's important to explain what Mommy has. Some day they may need to follow the diet too.

  14. I would share this story with my 3 youngest of 9 children. We have Celiac and it is hard to explain to the younger ones sometimes. Thanks!

  15. Dear Ginger Lemon Girl (aka Carrie),
    Thanks for all that you do to educate,and provide a source of wonderful recipes for all celiacs and gluten insensitive people. Both my husband and mother have been diagnosed within the last 9 years. Baking continues to be a challenge as I adapt to nut flours and other non-gluten starches but your website sure helps! My mom lives in a small community with very little resources so she does the best she can to act as a "Celiac Educator" for 4 surrounding communities. A book such as Katie's story would provide an invaluable teaching tool to younger children and their parents whose lives have been altered by a gluten allergy.

  16. I would share with my 8-year old Celiac daughter and our family, friends and classmates who don't seem to understand how important even a bit of gluten can be to her intestines. The issues of cross - contamination and the fact that this is not just "an allergy to grow out of" are two myths we just can't seem to avoid.
    - Deidre

  17. What a great book! I would love to own a copy and I would share it with my son. He's only 5 months old, but I want him to be aware of the disease in case he has it as bad as I do someday.

  18. We just switched over to gluten free for my 5 year old. He is a very picky, opinionated loving little guy. I am having a hard time explaining to him why he can't eat the things he's always eaten. I'd love to have the book! Thanks for all your ideas!

  19. We just switched over to gluten free for my 5 year old. I;d love help in explaining to him why he can't eat the things he's always eaten. Thanks for all your ideas!

  20. I would love to be able to share this with Shae! Here recently she has wanted to have gluten in her diet again, I hate to tell her "no", but also hate seeing her in pain after!


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