Monday, August 22, 2011

this week's menu - back to school

I made a big batch of Master Mix on Saturday and baked all day! I made blueberry cobbler (I'll share that recipe this week!), brownies, muffins, cookies, etc... most of these treats went to a local college student in town who has celiac disease. I can't imagine how hard it would be to follow a GF diet when you live in a dorm room, you're far away from your family, don't have a kitchen, have to eat in so many social situations, etc... Just to see him go "oh wow" when I handed over the big paper gift bag of safe gluten free baked goods was completely worth it!

See if you can find out about a local celiac college student or high school student in your area.. make them some brownies, deliver them personally... and treasure the smile you'll get back!

Many schools in our area are starting back this week. The stores have been packed with parents picking up school supplies and new backpacks... I overheard a mom at Walmart on Saturday night reminding her daughter they needed Clorox wipes and cotton balls... I just smiled. I remember those days. It was also a reminder to me to pick up a few supplies to donate to a local school. Teachers spend so much out of their own pockets... it's always a good idea to lend them a hand when we can this time of year!

Breakfasts & Snacks This Week:  Potluck at work on Monday, Chocolate Hemp shakes, scrambled eggs, blueberry muffins, oatmeal or oatbran with almond butter swirled in, celery with peanut butter, rice cakes with peanut butter, etc...

Dinners This Week: 

  • Monday - Roast Beef with steamed butternut squash & apples, green beans
  • Tuesday - GF sandwich night and/or homemade salads
  • Wednesday - Fresh summer  GF pasta salad (using Tinkyada pasta) with grilled chicken
  • Thursday - Cheryl's sniffle stew (I've become a huge soup/stew fan lately...seems ironic in the summer! lol) 
  • Friday - Homemade almond flour GF pizza with salad
  • Saturday - Pan-grilled cod with steamed broccoli
  • Sunday - Tacos with black beans, tomatoes, and avocados
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