Friday, August 19, 2011

giveaway - gluten free on a shoestring cookbook

Every now and then you meet someone who really "gets" you. Nicole Hunn is one of those people for me. She's spunky, quirky, has a keen sense of humor, is not afraid of being honest, a beautiful smile, and she knows how to pinch a penny. Nicole and I have a very similar ideas about being gluten free on a budget. We have different ways of saving money, we each have our own favorite gluten free flours... but we know all about living within in our means -- or at least trying too!

Nicole's cookbook, Gluten Free on a Shoestring (named after her amazing blog), was published in February of this year and I must say it's been a smash hit! What I love about Nicole is her honesty. She's a home cook. She isn't a fancy restaurant chef. She's not trying to impress anybody... she just wants you to be comfortable and happy making gluten free meals that your whole family will love. She wants you to know you don't have to leave your old comfort foods behind. Nicole's book is packed with recipes like pizza dough, cheese crackers, plain bagels, macaroni and cheese, meat"love", and chicken pot pie. Desserts like yellow cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and apple pie.  These are the foods that people like me love, remember, and want again. I just want to make food that will make people happy. I'm really not interested in fancy. I'm not interested in expensive ingredients. I just want to make food that smiles and makes people ask for seconds!

Nicole does that for you. She makes it easy. She goes a step further than even I do, by showing you how to make all these amazing things with one gluten free flour mix. I choose to use a blend of  2/3 whole grains & 1/3 starches simply because that works better for my gluten & sugar intolerant body... but for most gluten free folks these recipes using Nicole's favorite Better Batter flour will be a saving grace.

And I have a special copy just for one of you! A beautiful, brand new signed copy of Nicole's amazing book!

Would you like a copy?

Simply check out the table of contents in Nicole's book. Leave me a comment here on the blog and tell me what the first recipe is that you would make and why. Then, if you'd like to have an additional entry, tell your friends on facebook or twitter about Nicole, or about her book, or about my blog and this giveaway -- then leave me another comment here on the blog and let me know how & where you shared!

This contest will be open through Friday August 26th at midnight. I'll announce the winner here on the blog on Saturday August 27th.

Now get cooking!

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