Thursday, July 21, 2011

tomatoes from the garden

It's the first year we've had anything close to being called a "garden" -- but quite sadly the weeds quickly took over because I stink at gardening... yet we have managed to get a few tomatoes & zucchini from the now heat-tormented plants.

I love ripening vegetables on a window sill... so here are a few of our tomatoes. These are quite small... about the size of cherry tomatoes.

I think next year I'll just use these hanging tomato planters instead of torturing the plants with weeds!

Have you had any success at gardening? What's your favorite summer vegetable?
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  1. Tomatoes are better ripened in a dark place. I keep them in the dishes cupboard, where I can watch them. At the end of the season (or when your plants decide it is the end of the season!) you can spread the green ones out in layers separated by newspaper, covered with newspapers. Keep checking them -- I still have a few for Thanksgiving that way.

    And I have terrible weed problems on our hobby farm, but use old carpets and grass clippings to keep my tomatoes relatively happy.

    Keep cool!

  2. Those upside down tomato planters don't have a very good track record. To keep weeds at bay, use newspapers(black and white print only),landscape paper, straw, or any other thing that will let water get through. We grow all the corn, butternut squash, cucumbers,zucchini, beans, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas that we eat all year round.I freeze most of it. Tomatoes that ripen on the vine taste so much better than ones you ripen indoors. Water deeply and less often. Tomatoes need a lot of calcium so I save dried egg shells crushed up and stored in a plastic bag. Put them in the hole when you plant and they will slowly release calcium all summer and into fall.

  3. Tomatoes are best ripened on the vine. When you pick them too early they don't get as sweet. Most of the store bought tomatoes are picked green and then sprayed to get them to turn red early. They're usually mealy and tough, and certainly not as sweet as a vine ripened tomato.

    If you can, let them ripen on the plant.