Friday, July 22, 2011

{Gluten Free Review} Mesa Sunrise gluten free cereal

Don't you love really bad photography of gluten free cereal boxes? You're welcome. That's the 1960's picnik treatment of my cereal box. The rounded edges are beyond cool!

Had a hankering for something sorta sweet after having a very early dinner on Monday night. I decided to open up this box of Mesa Sunrise cereal I had in the very back of the cabinet. I bought it on sale at Big Lots a few weeks ago.

Personally I wasn't really a fan. One of the main ingredients was corn and it definitely had a very strong corn flavor... which I'm not really fond of in breakfast cereal. The cereal also became soggy REALLY quickly. That's one thing I miss about "Grapenuts" cereal - it was so crunchy and stayed that way the whole time you were eating it!

Overall I think it's a healthy cereal. The ingredients are mostly organic and whole grain. One serving contains 3 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber... which can definitely be hard to find especially in gluten free cereals. Sugar (or evaporated cane juice in this instance) is the 3rd ingredient -- still a lot of sugar, but not nearly as much as many "kids" cereals. If you want a whole grain gluten free breakfast cereal, I would definitely recommend Mesa Sunrise. Just eat it fast so it won't get soggy! :-P

Have you tried Mesa Sunrise? Did you like it? What's your favorite gluten free breakfast cereal?
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  1. I enjoy this cereal though I agree that it does get very soggy very quickly. I usually eat it on top of yogurt and it stays crunchy much longer.

  2. I have not tried this with gluten-free bread but I think it should work. I don't see why not. Anyway to make a grape-nuts like cereal make a heavy, dense sweet bread that you like the flavor of. Then you crumble it up into the right size crumbs and toast it until it is very crunchy. That's it.

    When I made this with a gluten bread I used all whole wheat (which is heavy and doesn't have as much gluten, although still too much for now) and made a beer bread from this recipe The flavor was wonderful but the bread was too heavy to enjoy (HA, I just thought I knew what heavy bread was) so I tried making Grape Nuts.

    I think that sorghum would work great and as for the beer, probably any liquid would be fine.

  3. My personal favorite (and like you, I mostly eat it as an evening snack once in awhile) is Cinnamon Chex. My daughter (also gf) loves Cocoa Pebbles.

  4. I have yet to find a commercially made G-F cereal that isn't super-sweet or super-bland that tops this one. There are some kid ones that taste good and stay crunchy but they are like eating dessert for breakfast. Like the first Anonymous commenter, I too love this cereal as a topping for yogurt and fruit. Arrowhead Mills does make a yummy, slightly sweet buckwheat flakes cereal, but sadly, I can't eat this one because it shreds the roof of my mouth every time.

  5. I actually really liked this one, but I've been reading a lot of Nourishing Traditions related materials which all say to avoid the "flake" cereals and to stick to whole grains for breakfast such as oatmeal (I go for the certified gluten free from Bob's Red Mill), millet, teff, amaranth, etc.

  6. I used to eat this, mixed with rice puffs and flax seed, every single morning - for about three years! I don't have milk on cereal though, which might be why I like it :-)

  7. It was an incredibly heavy cereal, and it had a real weight in my stomache. Compared to one of their other brands, Crunchy Maple Sunrise, which is fun and flavorful with the same number of calories, it falls flat.