Monday, July 25, 2011

This Week's Menu - Meals from the Freezer

Today I'm hosting the gluten free menu swap called "Menu Plan Monday" -- this even is headquartered at Cheryl Harris' blog, Gluten Free Goodness. If you are interested in hosting this weekly event, please visit Cheryl's site to find out how to join us!

My own menu this week is filled with leftovers from the freezer! I didn't have a lot of time to prepare meals or use my slow cooker, so I'm relying on leftovers that are frozen. We had the wonderful opportunity to go sailing with friends on Saturday. It was a beautiful trip and I had an amazing time! I had never been sailing before so the day was filled with lots of "firsts!" I can't even explain what an awesome feeling it was, when the sails were released for the first time! It was exhilarating! :-)

I don't have a list of my breakfasts & snacks this week, but it's very similar to most of my weeks: fruit, nuts, boiled eggs, protein shakes, peanut butter on rice cakes, etc...

This Week's Dinners: 
  • Sunday - A super quick MICROWAVE skillet meal: cubed, cooked turkey breast & gf gravy mixed with peas, corn, and brown rice. -- This will also be lunch for several days!
  • Monday - Meaty spaghetti sauce served over gluten free pasta along with green beans. 
  • Tuesday - Pan grilled cod (from the freezer) with a tomato & cucumber salad
  • Wednesday - "Fried eggs" served over sauteed kale, onions, and mushrooms with turkey bacon
  • Thursday - Salsa chicken OR ground beef chili (leftovers from the freezer) -- served in taco shells
  • Friday - PIZZA night -- I'll be having gluten free pizza on Udi's crusts and hubs will order out
  • Saturday - out for dinner
Your Gluten Free Menu Plans for this Week: 
  • Simply leave a comment below or send me an email (gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com) to include your menu in this roundup of gluten free menu plans!  
  • Renee of Beyond Rice & Tofu shared her menu for this week. She'll be "cooking for one" this week and decided to make meals that were easy to make on a small scale more as snacks and appetizers. Great ideas Renee! 

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