Monday, June 27, 2011

This Week's Menu - Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie

We kept my nephew over the past week, so our menu was very different from normal. One of the first meals we had was roast beef, broccoli, and macaroni & cheese -- which was requested specifically by the kid! We also ate an almond flour pizza one night, Chick-Fil-A one night, and LOTS of ham sandwiches! :-) It was a really nice week and I was a bit sad to see him go.  I'm already looking forward to him coming next summer to visit.

I relied on my slow cookers again to make a few meals yesterday. I made a chicken pot pie (totally in awe that it worked so well!) and I made a pork and apples dish. I also made a healthy pumpkin custard/crustless pumpkin pie in the slow cooker overnight for breakfasts this week.

Breakfasts & Snacks This Week: 
  • crustless pumpkin pie with a granola topping
  • raw almonds and/or mixed nuts
  • fruit & protein smoothies or chocolate hemp shakes
  • boiled eggs
  • ham rollups
  • ants on a log
  • rice cakes with peanut butter
Lunches This Week:
  • leftovers
  • ham sandwiches with veggies & dip
Dinners This Week:

Photo from Food Network, but this is exactly what my chicken pot pie looked like out of the slow cooker!
I used Gluten Free Bisquick, it worked great! You could also use Homemade Master Mix!

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