Friday, June 17, 2011

{Gluten Free Review} Sof'ella Chocolate Cake Mix

A few weeks ago I was sent an email about a grocery store on the west coast that had a large variety of gluten free products. While glancing through their list of gf products I noticed they carried several baking mixes by a company called "Sof'ella." I was curious since I had not heard of this company. I contacted them and asked if they if would send me a few samples to review for the blog.

Sof'ella sent me both the chocolate cake mix and their all purpose baking mix. I made the chocolate cake for a family cookout a few weeks ago. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant. The mix uses navy bean flour and I thought for sure the cupcakes would taste beany. I'm learning to like bean flours a lot more than I used too, but I still am not crazy about baked goods that taste super beany.

But these cupcakes? Not beany. Not one bit. SUPER chocolaty, very rich, and the taste was excellent. These cupcakes are very soft, moist, and have a great texture. Another company (which isn't yet in production that I know of) sent me a mix to try earlier this year and their batter contained so much xanthan gum, that the dough literally mixed into a big ball -- it was very wierd... the Sof'ella batter on the other hand? Like a normal cake batter, a little more wet than my homemade gluten free chocolate cake, but even the batter tasted delicious, despite being made with navy bean flour.

The Sof'ella chocolate cake mix is expensive, it retails on the website for $6 a box + shipping, so I'm guessing it's probably around $7 at the grocery store. Overall, I'd probably buy this chocolate cake mix. I think it has a better taste & texture than the Betty Crocker gluten free mix, but not as good as my personal favorite homemade gluten free chocolate cake.

Have you tried Sof'ella? What is your favorite store bought gluten free chocolate cake mix?
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  1. Actually Carrie, Namaste mixes run that high as well. Sometimes you get what you pay for. It's also a convenience item and those things are always more costly. I usually have one on the shelf for a busy time when I can't bake from scratch.

  2. That's true Barb - the thing is with the Sof'ella cake mix is that it only makes a one layer cake or 12 cupcakes, while Namaste mix actually makes a 2 layer cake or 24 cupcakes. So the cost difference is significant!

  3. My brother actually brought me a huge box of this mix from the costco in new mexico about 2 years ago. Apparently they have a lot more gf selections at their costco than we do on the east coast. anyways, it was fairly inexpensive and i think made 4 cakes! Quite good, but a bit sugary.

  4. I looked up their website after I read your article and they now have free shipping if you order 4 boxes of chocolate cake mix.