Thursday, June 30, 2011

{Gluten Free One Pot Meals} Quick Broccoli & Beef

Some weeks are better than others for following meal plans. This week? Not so much.

We had chicken pot pie (which was awesome, but I really didn't need the carbs! I'm very excited to know I can make it in the crock pot though! Very cool!), but I just wasn't feeling it for the apples & pork chops on Tuesday. I think I need to give up on pork chops... I've never been a huge fan even though I continue to try them different ways.

So twice this week we've had what you see in the picture above... basically steamed broccoli with either ground beef or ground turkey with different seasonings. That's it. Last night we added an Uncle Ben's Ready Rice. This is my gluten free, veggie version of "hamburger helper" -- minus the noodles. It's healthy, cheap, (nice to my blood sugar), and seriously easy.

Quick Broccoli & Beef
completely NOT a recipe! :-P
made about once a week in the gingerlemongirl kitchen... jealous aren't you? ;-P

  • 1 lb. ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken (or leftover hamburgers, turkey burgers, etc...) 
  • 1-2 tablespoons of butter or olive oil
  • 24 oz. fresh broccoli -or- frozen broccoli steamers (my favorite!)
  • Seasonings of your choice... this week we've been loving this cajun seasoning (thanks Heather!), onion flakes, garlic powder, freshly ground pepper, etc... 
  • Optional:  2 cups cooked brown rice -OR- Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (PLAIN brown rice) 

How to throw this together: 
Brown ground beef in a heavy bottomed skillet -- our cast iron skillet is what we always use for this... gives the meat a great "crust."  Add seasonings. Steam broccoli in the microwave according to the package directions or by these directions for fresh cut broccoli. Add broccoli and butter or olive oil to the ground beef.  If you're using the brown rice, heat it up according to package directions and add to the ground beef as well. Mix it all up. Serve in cereal bowls... it's yummy... and easy... and husband friendly (although he prefers the ground beef version...)... There ya go... your own homemade gluten free veggie hamburger helper! We get about 5 servings from this large batch of beef & broccoli goodness!

Stop laughing... it's really good! :-)

For more ideas on how to use frozen broccoli check out The Kitchn's frozen broccoli roundup!

To put this meal over the top.. make this dairy free cheezy sauce and pour it all over each serving!

Then go listen to this song.. and pretend you are at the beach.. it's that time of year! :-) Or better yet listen to this song while you're making quick beef & broccoli in the rice cooker while you're AT the beach...

Ocracoke is calling my name again... must go soon!
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