Friday, February 18, 2011

Gym Hamster Recovers - Week 3 Update

Gym Hamster & hubs spent a LOT of time sleeping this week. Constant coughing, headaches, sinus pain and drainage, nausea... you name it we had it. Hubs actually is getting over a double whammy of bronchitis and pneumonia... so it's been a rough week for us. I haven't made it to the gym once... but that's okay. I'm ready to start again next week.

Honestly, I was scared to get sick. I thought if I get sick and I miss my "routine" of going to the gym, I'll never get back into it. That's it... I can't stick with anything once I break my "routine" I'm done for.

But through the whole time of being sick and now being on the mend... I know I'm not done for. Throughout this whole week, while I didn't go to the gym, I still was very careful about what I was eating. While I didn't write things down in my journal (which can be dangerous) I listened to my body. I ate only when I was hungry. I stopped when I was full. It was pretty amazing to me actually. I did have an afternoon when I REALLY wanted to munch and I wanted it to be chocolate... but I realized that I was just hungry since I hadn't eaten anything since an early lunch, so I had an apple with 2 measured tablespoons of peanut butter.  Craving gone. Solved. I listened.

I'm learning how to make this a lifestyle. What's so different about this approach to everything I've done in the past is that I'm seriously taking it step by step. Day by day. I'm changing small things, which lead to bigger things.

I know a 70 lb. weight loss is a LONG way away... I have an unofficial goal of hopefully meeting that number by next year. But more importantly I'm focused on the routine. Make it to the gym when you're well. Stay home when you're sick. Eat well regardless of how you feel. Listen to your body. Celebrate every tiny off-the-scale victory. You're worth it.

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