Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gym Hamster - Week 2 Update

So I'm not exactly a "gym rat" yet... but we'll settle for gym hamster with itty bitty weights... I'm getting there.

It's week two. The novelty of the gym showers has worn off, but I do look forward to going! My goal is 3-4 days a week: 45 minutes of cardio each time + this week I'm adding a strength training routine for at least one day a week.

This gym has a cool system that tracks your progress & keeps a routine scheduled for you.. so basically you just have to show up and do it.

If anything, this is something huge I'm learning: Just show up. Don't think about it, don't question it. It doesn't matter if you don't want too.  Just do it. Nike makes a lot of money for a reason.

I've already had several days when I really haven't wanted to go. I'm tired. It makes my already busy life even busier... it means less time with my husband in the afternoons. It means meals are even simpler than they already were and not anything exciting. It means this week I haven't been able to keep up with those dishes that are always haunting me... but I also know eventually I'll figure it all out.

I know eventually I'll figure out how to balance all of it and it will eventually just become a way of life. But it doesn't happen immediately. I think most of my life I've expected "immediately."

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One person who has really helped me over the past two months is Erin Elbertson of She's been a constant email support. She's answered every question I've had. She's been my cheerleader & advisor. She's an amazing woman. I will soon be sharing my absolute praise for her & her gluten free nutrition and wellness program. I highly recommend her program if you need help getting your fitness & nutrition back on track. Trust me, it will be worth EVERY penny. Erin, I can't thank you enough my friend. You are such an inspiration to me.

So, as life changes, so will this website. I apologize in advance that I won't be able to update you with new recipes nearly as often as I have in the past... I will as I have time and as always, I'm ever thankful that you are reading, baking gluten free, and enjoying the recipes here. There will be more!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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