Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gym Hamster - Week 4 Update

I am convinced a treadmill and/or recumbent bike is nothing more than a human hamster wheel. Of course hamsters run in hopes of not only exercising, but hoping they end up somewhere else... and really it's what you do on a treadmill too. You want to end up somewhere else. You want to be in a different place. For a while it seems absolutely silly. It certainly doesn't look like you're going anywhere... but you are. It's just slow. It takes a lotta miles on that treadmill (or my favorite recumbent bike) to actually see where you're headed.

Overall my weight loss has not yet been significant. I hope in the next few weeks to be below the 200 pound mark. And that will be awesome... then I'll start looking forward to getting below the 190 mark... but I know this will be a slow process. It can be all too easy to want to focus on the numbers when I know I'm making progress in other areas.

A major off-the-scale victory this week is my blood pressure... Literally the day before I started going to the gym my doctor started me on a 2nd blood pressure medication. Having to get on another medication was a serious wake up call. I was already extremely frustrated by my weight gain... but having to go on a 2nd blood pressure medication at 32 was just crazy. I HAVE to stop this cycle. I have too. I already have high cholesterol and high triglycerides. Those diagnoses along with being obese are primary indicators of metabolic syndrome. Meaning my body doesn't process sugars well... it's called being insulin resistant. You can read more about that here. Another common indicator of metabolic syndrome is diabetes...and I do NOT want to head down that road. So it's time to stop the cycle.

When I checked my blood pressure at the gym before exercising yesterday it was 117/79. That is the lowest it's been in YEARS. IT gives me real hope that I can eventually lose enough weight and get healthy enough to possibly get off the medication completely! And that's an off the scale victory I will celebrate!

I've been journaling my progress on a little blog called "Gluten Free Strawberry" feel free to read the blog if you'd like. It's more of a way for me to quietly journal and figure this thing out... and it's helpful. It also helps keep me accountable.

This week has been easier than I thought it would be. I've just been going to the gym. I don't even really think about it. It's also my date with Dr. Phil! :-P I listen to the show on my mp3 player while I'm exercising (we all need excuses to watch Dr. Phil right?) and I almost feel like it's really becoming just a habit. Just something I do during my week. Just another part of my daily schedule. And that is huge.

I really appreciate all of your support and prayers in this journey. I really couldn't do this without the support from so many friends & fellow bloggers. The support of my online community is amazing and I am so blessed! Thank you!

How's your week going?

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