Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gym Hamster - Week 5 Update

It totally cracks me up looking for hamster pictures for this series! If you have a hamster and want to share a picture of your pet, please send them to me!

So this is my 5th week hitting the gym... I'm slowly increasing my activity from 30 minutes to 45-60 minutes of cardio 3-4x a week. I am trying to work in my strength training routine at least twice a week. I'm beginning to challenge myself a little bit more each time I go to the gym with cardio. I jogged for the first time on the treadmill yesterday. It was only in one minute increments, but i did it. It's slow... but I know we'll get there.

My frustrations this week lie not in the gym routine... but in my eating. It is SO easy to revert to mindless eating. I've realized it's literally going to take months to make a "permanent" change in my eating habits. A few moments of weakness can can really hurt the scales at the end of the week. My "trigger" foods are chips and chocolate, and just eating too much of them... usually mindlessly.

For instance on Tuesday night I got home after the gym, I was starving and over the weekend on a trip I bought a bag of gluten free pretzels. (A purchase don't make often, because I know the consequences!) While standing in the kitchen chatting with hubs, having our daily catch up, I munched 2-3 servings of pretzels without even thinking about it. Then after that I munched on some lunch meat that I was preparing for a salad. Then I munched on a few gluten free cookies (agreeing to review gluten free foods for companies is an evil thing to do!) When I added up my calories after dinner, my mouth hit the floor. I had done so well during the day... it wasn't until I was famished after the gym that I just munched, munched, munched mindlessly and added an additional 900+ calories to my day's total. That's over half of my daily calorie allotment. Which of course completely blew up my total calories for the day. I was so utterly frustrated with myself. I couldn't believe I had let my evening snacking/mindless eating get so out of control in ONE afternoon.

I'm going to work hard this month to reach my calorie & protein goals. I really want to get under the 200 lb. mark by April. I'd love to knock the socks off of my Nurse Practicer for my May appointment. That would be an awesome reward at the end of the month.

I think what makes this journey different than every other weight loss journey I've had in the past is that I'm NOT going to give up. I'm paying too much at the gym to give up! lol Seriously though, I know this is going to be hard... it is hard. I know it may take a year or more to reach my goal... but I WILL get there.

It may be a long struggle to conquer my bad eating habits, but I'm determined to make it a lifestyle. And I lived an unhealthy lifestyle for most of my adult years... so it won't change overnight... it won't change in a week... it won't change magically in a month... there will be a lot of steps backward on the journey forward. But I'll get there.

Don't give up. Eat more carrots. Be a Gym Hamster.
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  1. I don't know that this would help the habit portion of you evening munchies, but I have a protein recovery drink that I drink right after my workout. Then, I am not so munchie and can stick to my planned meals/snacks. I also try to have a BIG glass of water to sip for the "hand to mouth" portion of the munching habit.

  2. Carrie, I sincerley know that you can do this! All you have to do is focus and whenever you crave a snack, grab something crunchy but not what youd normally snack on (chips, cookies etc.). I like to save cookies and chips for special occasions, emergencies, and for the occasional indulgence. Go gym hampster, go!

  3. "dont give up"
    That's the most important part!

    You should be proud of yourself -- good for you for doing all of this! You've taken so many steps forward, and we're all here cheering you along the way!

  4. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks so much for posting about those moments we ALL have. I think it is harder with gluten free processed snacks to stop munching; maybe because we don't have that many yummy pretzel-type things, or maybe because the fiber is stripped out of a lot of the carb-based snacks so we never feel full? In any case, I just can't keep them in my house! Congrats on getting to the gym!

  5. You are doing great. Congratulations on increasing your exercise minutes. I'm slacking on the exercise portion.

    I know about that mindless eating. There are some things (my kryponite-ice cream)that I can't buy. There are some things (like chocolate) that can be in the house, but have be stored in the freezer. It is difficult to chew through frozen chocolate. :) Then there are the things (like potato chips/pretzels) that have to be doled out into baggies of individual servings. Also, I am a mindless snacker when I clean up after dinner. I am having hubby help me in the kitchen so that I don't have that opportunity. Who know changing a lifestyle meant a person has to be so creative!?

    Healthy Vibes,

  6. Hi Carrie! I was wondering if chia seeds might help with your after workout cravings. I just bought some and haven't tried them yet but here is a link to an article that features Dr Weil.
    The ancient Mayans used to eat them before long runs and believed that it kept their endurance up.

  7. Carrie
    I am a longtime follower of your blog but this is the first time I felt completely compelled to post a comment. I swear, just moments before I read this I sent an email to my friend (we are long distance weightloss buddies) about my pathetic loss of weight in the past weeks (1 stinking pound!!) and the CAUSE of it.....mindless eating immediately before and after dinner when preparing our lunches for the next day. Darn girl, I am so right with you on this!!!

    I will be thinking about you as I work harder to stop that munching. Mostly I just resolve to NOT have that stinking G/F pretzels in the house. ;)

    Keep it up!!!


  8. Hi! I stumbled on your blog while browsing gluten-free blogs and I just wanted to say - just keep on goin'! You will get there!
    Back when I was about 13, I hit 165lbs and was a total couch potato... and today, I'm 26, 105lbs and an athlete. I never thought I'd be where I am today when I was that 13 year old. Just take it slow and steady and keep the faith. It took me about 2 years to get where I wanted to be and from there, it took me many more years to get to this level (and then suddenly I realized I was training as an athlete!). I remember when I started, I couldn't even run for a whole minute. I remember how frustrating it was at times - but you are totally right on making it a lifestyle change. That's the absolutely only way to truly be who you want to be! My plan was to cut out junk food and slowly build up in exercise. I took up Irish dancing, I remember, as a way to motivate myself to keep my improvement in fitness going (it was more fun than a treadmill!). Once you get into the pattern, you'll eventually come to dislike junk food. Becoming Celiac even was the best thing to happen to me - because it forced me to cook all of my meals. And I'd only buy natural ingredients. Anyways - you're on the right track and you can absolutely do it! Don't be discouraged by the time. You will get there. ALL THE BEST!!!

  9. Carrie my dear,
    Good on you for recognizing it, writing it down, and posting it. I feel very confident that after realizing your self sabotage that you will not let it happen again. Remember in the "kitchen makeover"-if it's in the house, you WILL eventually eat it. Make no mistake, we are all human, and S*%& happens :)
    Here's a few suggestions for mindless munching that won't kill your calorie totals:
    Carrots (you are so right on)
    Snap Peas
    Green Beans (fresh ones)
    olives (they are so salty you will stop after a few)
    Shredded cabbage
    and my last ditch, always a savior, fall back...
    Herbal mint hot tea. Works every time.
    You CAN do this. Make no mistake.

  10. It is so hard to stay on the straight and narrow but you will win in the long run. I just can't have any of the "bad" stuff in the house. I only bake desserts when we have company or I can take it some place. Otherwise, it's munch, munch, munch until it's gone!

  11. You can do it! It is a long path and yes it is hard, but oh so rewarding in the end! I've been where you are at and still struggle sometimes. Just dont give up! I am loving the hamster pictures btw :)

  12. I am new to your blog, and found this post on BunsInMyOven. Just wanted you to know I'm so proud of you for embarking on a healthier lifestyle journey - it's something I need to do myself, particularly the exercise part.
    I know you think you "goofed up" that evening, but think about it this way - Before you started this journey, you probably would have had the snacks, but would not have gone to the gym. So try to look at all the positives, even when a negative slips in from time to time. Looking at things that way helps me not get so down on myself; perhaps it will help you too!