Friday, May 24, 2013

Product Review: Taste Guru Gluten-Free Subscription Box, May 2013

I signed up to try TasteGuru, a gluten-free monthly food subscription service. It's kinda pricey, I signed up for the $24 a month plan, so I could cancel anytime. You generally get a box of 5-7 different gluten-free items. Many of them are items that are new to the gluten-free food market.

Here are the goodies that were included in the May 2013 box: 

So far I've tired the white cheddar popcorn (YUM!), one of the toaster pastries (good! better than the Eco Planet brand) and the Falafel Chips (different, but good!).  Michael also tried the Gratify pretzel thins and loved them (they had soy flour, so I couldn't eat them). He enjoyed the pretzels so much he took them to work for a snack. 

To be honest, I'm not sure it's really worth $25 for the products in this particular box, but then again as we all know ANY gluten-free processed food is going to be quite a bit more expensive than it's "wheat" counterpart. So I may be comparing the cost to what I would assume the same non-GF products would cost. 

I think the most fun part about this box is simply getting to see a neat variety of new gluten-free products every month. You can see if you like them, share them with other gluten-free friends if you don't! 

Have you tried Taste Guru? What did you think? Would you try a gluten-free food subscription service? 

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  1. I got my first box this month as well. Not keen on coconut coffee water-since I don't do caffeine.
    I got a Cinnamon Sugar Rocky Mountain was good but, a bit sweet.
    The Gratify Pretzels Thins were soooo good! Love the texture!
    Haven't tried the toaster pastries yet! Not really my thing I don't like the pop tarts anyhow.
    Kind granola I've had before and it's nothing special.
    I felt the box was not really a $25 value but, just ok.
    I saw pictures of other boxes that I would have absolutely loved. This time just ok!

  2. This month was my second box. While it might seem high in cost, gluten free food cost so much. I love all the products so far. I love the pretzels and popcorn. I will hunt them down. The reason I will keep the box coming is that it allows me an opportunity to taste gluten free products that are not available in my smaller town. I'm tired of buying products that taste just yucky.

  3. I just signed up so I look forward to seeing what comes in my box.

  4. I am going to try this month since they have a try it free promotion (you pay $12 shipping but still pretty cheap). I hope we get the Glutino stuff! My kids are also dairy free so I hope some of it at least is dairy free. Do you know of other boxes like this besides Healthy Surprise?