Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Return of the Gym Hamster -- Home Edition

Gym Hamster's been gone a while.

Not gone really, but working on a cookbook, focusing on self-care, and learning how to better communicate my thoughts and feelings. And honestly the gym was not missed. However, I know I need to begin to concentrate again on my physical fitness.

This time I want to stick with what I know. What I generally enjoy once I get into the habit of exercise. With what has worked in the past. For me: that's walking videos, strength training with my husband, and finding activities at home and on the go that will incorporate more movement.

Today was the first day back to more movement. My doctor told me to start today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Take 15 minutes and start today. I love my doctor. Instead of making me feel bad for gaining back weight I had lost, he told me he knew I was motivated enough to try again. He believed in me. He made it clear to set small goals, start slowly, let it become a habit.

It's amazing how just having someone you respect believe in you can be so incredibly motivating.

So I started today. For 15 minutes. Anybody can do 15 minutes. A walk around our neighborhood. Here's the breakdown:

  • 1 minute before walk: Honey, I so do not want to walk. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I do NOT want to walk. But please walk with me. I do NOT want to walk. I do not want to walk. I do NOT want to walk. 
  • 30 seconds in: I hate walking. I am three years old and I do NOT want to do this. I will kick a rock.
  • 2 minutes in: My legs feel so heavy. I hate walking. *Sigh* sigh* sigh* 
  • 5 minutes in: My legs still feel heavy. I am still frustrated and I don't want to do this. Why can't our bodies be self-regulating? 
  • 7 minutes in: Now paying attention to lighthearted conversation with hubs. It's good to connect with him. I guess we can do one more lap. 
  • 10 minutes in: Legs don't feel quite so heavy anymore. Kind of tingly, but not in a bad way. Like I've moved. This is good. Okay, maybe walking isn't so bad. 
  • 12 minutes in: I really don't want to admit by this point I'm enjoying this walk. 
  • 15 minutes in: Done. Completed. Okay, so once I got warmed up it wasn't so bad. We'll do it again tomorrow, even if I have to drag myself out of the house. Getting started is the hardest part right? Even when it's getting started again... 

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  1. Carrie, dear, are you sure that's not a chipmunk? BTW, LOVE the pic! Congrats on getting back in the saddle, and learning to take care of yourself through a HUGE year!

    1. well you know gym "rodent" just doesn't have the same ring!! lololol!! although are chipmunks rodents? :-P Thank you! It really has been a big year hasn't it!

  2. Way to go! One of these days I've got to get serious about exercise. In the mean time, I'll cheer you on.

  3. What works for me is that I go to a class 2 times a week for total body fitness. We've become like a community with the same people in the class for over 9 years. I march in place while I fold laundry, I make several trips on the stairs to get things I need instead of doing it all at once, I run laps around the basement waiting for the washer to fill, etc. Sometimes I do a 3rd day of total body at home. Should I do more? Yep.

  4. Good for you Carrie~ That was fun reading! We have a pool and that is my funnest way to exercise. I turn up the music and just move :) I also like certain exercise dvd's. I personally can't stand doing the treadmill or other gym cardio. The more I am learning about this Paleo lifestyle, the more I like their ideas of exercise. I used to push WAY too hard on the cardio and get sooooo hungry I would eat the whole house! Not good for my blood sugar and adrenals for sure! I need to incorporate more neighborhood walks too. I have to drag myself too LOL! Keep up the good work! Proud of you!

    karla diaz

  5. When I started working out, what I did was:
    a) games on the wii fit
    b) goal of 10,000 steps per day on the pedometer
    c) goal to find a new game or physical activity or equipment every 2-3 months, to keep from getting bored.

    Once I started exercising, I had a lot more energy to get out of bed earlier and exercise more. I have also found MyFitnessPal to be really helpful.