Sunday, December 11, 2011

This Week's Menu -- Back to Paleo

I'm discovering more and more paleo food blogs each week. Every now and then I'll find one that lists a weekly menu. I LOVE seeing new ideas for paleo meals -- I'm still so new to this way of living, that I need all the help I can get!. (Here are a few to check out: So Simply Good, Aseafish Out of Water, Easy Paleo, and Paleo On a Budget.) 

Over the month of November I ate a lot of carbohydrates... AHH-LOT... gluten free stuffing, pumpkin pie, chocolate, chocolate, (did I mention chocolate?), cheetos (I know... I know...) My waist line expanded and my energy levels dropped like a rock. If there's anything I learned over past month it's that carbohydrates are truly like a drug to my body. I CRAVE them when I start eating them, they wreak havoc on my body, and yet and it's hard as heck to quit the cycle once it's started. 

So this week my focus is to get back to the basics: lean meats, eggs, poultry, fish, lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, and almond flour bread for a sandwich or toast if needed. 

It's funny how so often we inherently KNOW what our bodies need, but without proper planning it doesn't happen. This week I hope to make it happen!

Snacks over the next few days will be gluten free & soy free beef jerky, pistachios, fruit (bananas, ripe pears, and apples), and assorted nut butters from Artiana. Artisana sent me a lovely package of nut butters to try. Every one of them has NO sugar added and are generally a mix of two butters which taste incredible. I cannot wait until my budget will allow me to buy about 3 jars of these nut butters to take to work! My favorite butters have been the Cashini butter -- which is a mixture of cashew butter & sesame seed butter and has the texture of a very smooth peanut butter and the pecan butter. All of these butters are really smooth and creamy and just have an amazingly fresh taste. I'd definitely recommend them if you're a fan of nut butters! 

Lunches as always are leftovers or homemade soups. (Have you heard of the CrockPot Lunchcrock? It's supposed to be a really small little crock pot that you can take to work and it will slowly heat your meal so it's ready by lunchtime... I WANT ONE!) 

Dinners This Week: 
  • Monday -- Gluten Free Homemaker's Sausage & Zucchini with a spinach salad
  • Tuesday -- Everyday Paleo's Beanless Chili
  • Wednesday -- (Blast from the past SOS, also called) Chipped Beef Gravy (made with almond milk or coconut milk and thickened with coconut flour) served on almond flour toast with steamed broccoli
  • Thursday -- Simple Ground Turkey & Vegetable Soup (will be in my upcoming "The Everything Gluten Free Slow Cooker Cookbook, coming Fall 2012!)
  • Friday -- Leftover Paleo Spaghetti Goulash from the freezer
  • Saturday -- Our small town's yearly Christmas parade! Making dinner for friends-- Pizza Soup minus the gluten free pasta with toasted almond bread cheese sandwiches (mine will be made with Daiya
  • Sunday -- Roast Chicken with mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, and cooked apples

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GLG Disclosure: Artisana Organic Foods provided me with a free sample of their nut butter & coconut oil products for the purpose of providing a review if I chose to do so. This is not a sponsored post and I did not receive compensation. The opinions in this post are completely my own.

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  1. Sounds good! Just wondering, have you had luck thickening with coconut flour? I usually use potato or arrowroot starch but would love to use the coconut flour instead.

  2. I've been reading you for a while, but I must have missed that you were going Paleo. That's great - I am investigating going Paleo myself (once I convince myself I CAN stop eating the snacks I can't have on Paleo and that there are enough Paleo cookbooks that I can still enjoy food!) so I appreciate your blog and all the info/sites. Thanks much!

  3. Amber -- coconut flour isn't the absolute best at thickening, but it works... in a pinch I'll still use rice flour to thicken even when following paleo, since you only need about 1-2 tbsp. I don't feel like it's harmful to following paleo!

    MJ -- you're so welcome!! Cutting out non-paleo snacks is HARD... that's what always traps me when I'm eating outside of my paleo food plan. Those carby snacks are really addicting and make it hard to stop eating them (at least for me!!) I'm hoping I can totally get back on track this week! Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you!

  4. Hi Carrie,
    Your Paleo posts are especially helpful to me and I really appreciate it!


    PS - I've been struggling with Paleo because I also need to eat low oxalate.

  5. How refreshing to find another paleo menu plan over at orgjunkie.

    We're more paleo "ish" than strict paleo, but whatever works. Have you heard about the Leptin Reset from Dr. Kruse?

    Hope that link will work. Anyway, he has a ton of available information even though some of it is beyond my wee little brain.

    When I talk about my woe (way of eating) to people they'll say "so you eat gluten free"...ah no, to me gluten free is not a healthy way to live. Gluten free goodies are still full of stuff we probably don't want to put into our bodies.

    Of course it's easy to say gluten free rather than I eat loads of meat and fat while losing 10 pounds without trying and have tons more energy.

    Anyway since I wrote a book I'll sign off now's rare to find someone post a paleo menu plan so I had to check it out.

  6. I tried to search to see if this has been asked before, but.....

    Have you tried doing the GAPS diet? It is a diet specifically designed to heal the gut. I ask, because it is similar to Paleo in the types of food one eats, but with some added items (bone broth, probiotics, etc) which promote healing. Currently our whole family is doing it and feel a lot better. (I am celiac, my husband has numerous food allergies, etc.) It might be something to check out if you haven't already.

  7. I've decided to loosen the reins just a bit on paleo for December - my goal really is to eat a more Whole30 diet all the time, but I'm clinging to Mark Sisson's 80/20 rule a bit more right now. Whole30 and strict paleo starts again for me on January 2nd!

    Those nut butters look amazing and so versatile. I'm a huge fan of sunbutter and a piece of super dark chocolate for my once in a while sweet treat!

  8. Carrie - I forgot to mention that you can buy a mini crock pot at thrift stores {usually} for about a buck.

  9. Sounds nice will have to try and let you know what we think, in the mean time stick with it, eating the right foods is about much more than weight loss...Paleo-Works!


  10. Every time I read your menus I think I really must try doing that. Or I could just steal yours. Hmm...

    I've used coconut flour to thicken, but my results aren't great. It thickens okay, but seems a bit gritty to me. Maybe I'm overly sensitive with that, since I'm a gravy and sauce fanatic. A simple reduction can work well, too. Sweet rice flour is so good for thickening. It's probably the grain I miss the most.


  11. MJ, there are lots of good Paleo cookbooks out there. Several have come out in the last few months that I absolutely love. I'm seriously hinting to family and friends that I must, must, must have Well Fed, just released on Monday. Oh, and Paleo snacks are even better.