Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Snoopy Thanksgiving Snoopy Thanksgiving

If you're an avid food blog reader you've probably been overwhelmed with Thanksgiving recipes in the past few weeks. Everywhere I turn someone is baking another version of pumpkin pie or trying a brand new turkey brine... well I have to admit when it comes to holiday meals I rarely make anything new. 

Mainly that's because we have Thanksgiving at my Aunt Linda's house and I actually don't have to cook much at all.

But on the occasion that I want to have my OWN holiday meal in my own kitchen I generally make the same things: 

My Traditional (Pretty-Much-Every-Year) Gluten Free Thanksgiving Menu
The only thing I'll be changing this year is I'll make a stuffing/dressing with Elana's almond flour paleo bread.

My favorite Cranberry Cobbler! I look forward to this every Thanksgiving!

Need more Gluten Free Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out these great links: 

What do you HAVE to eat every year at Thanksgiving? 
Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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  1. I'm hosting Thanksgiving for 30 this year since it's our first after being on the other coast for 6 years, and while everyone is pitching in and bringing something, I'm still planning to make a few GF goodies I know I'm safe to eat. I'm so glad you linked Elana's bread - I meant to pin it, forgot and couldn't remember which one I wanted to try this year.
    Also, love the Peanuts pic =) I'm going with a Peanuts Thanksgiving decorating theme and planning to put bowls of popcorn and jelly beans on the tables.

  2. I am so excited about Thanksgiving this year, though I think that's pretty much the case every year. You're right about all the recipes on all the food blogs, and I love that! Thanksgiving food everywhere. My favorite, must have food every year has been turkey gravy. I would just eat it by the bowlful if it didn't raise so many eyebrows.

  3. Thanks for including me, and what a great roundup!