Monday, October 31, 2011

this week's menu -- pineapple chicken skewers

I have to admit following a paleo-type food plan is extremely difficult without good planning. And some weeks I'm much better at planning than others. Here's what we're making this week. I have a lot of these ingredients already on hand, so hopefully it will be a frugal trip to the grocery store.

What are you making this week? 

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  1. You are so right about the planning; I wish I were better about doing that. Your menu sounds good, perfect for the fall weather, too. Some of those following Paleo and primal diets include potatoes and butter, not as the mainstay, but the way you're using them in a supporting role, so to speak. Good luck.

  2. I going to have to try the clam chowder...and the better butter chicken...and the pepper steak...and...hmmm...maybe I should just copy the whole menu next week!

  3. lolol! thanks for the sweet comments ladies! I don't know if I'll get to every meal this week... but at least I have go-to meals this way! LOL

  4. I agree with Amanda. Everything looks tempting this week!
    I just noticed at the grocery store this week, that Progresso's Clam Chowder now says "Gluten Free" on the front label. I don't think it fits with the paleo diet, but I thought I'd pass along the info anyway. :)