Thursday, October 13, 2011

gluten free coconut flour vanilla cupcakes

See that?

Light, fluffy, airy, moist (but not TOO moist), gluten free cupcakes!! AND... wait for it... 

They are low glycemic, lower carb, and made with coconut flour, coconut oil, real vanilla extract, a pinch of salt, some baking soda, and agave nectar. (I know there's a big debate on whether or not agave's good stuff or bad stuff... you don't have to fight it out here) Soooo...since they are full of fiber, healthy fats, and yummy ol' protein-filled eggs, I'm declaring them kind of good for you! ;-)

But it's not my recipe. It's Elana's. She is a coconut flour and almond flour genius. Seriously. genius.

The cupcakes I made are the yellow cupcakes from Elana's newest cookbook: gluten free cupcakes cookbook! Elana also shares basically the same recipe (minus the strawberries) with this post.

I also slathered them with Elana's vegan chocolate 'buttercream" frosting (also in that lovely little book). Drool.

I suggest making them. soon. It's a really good thing these are being eaten at a work shower today... because really I just want to eat all of them!

The only change I made to Elana's recipe is I used melted coconut oil instead of the grapeseed oil called for. And that was only because it's what I had on hand.

So try them out. Let me know what you think... and let's chat about it here on the blog! And go give Elana some comment love!

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  1. Your blog, Elana's, and Kelli from the Spunky Coconut have been tremendous resources for me over the past two years...


    I have some newly GF friends that I have sent your way as well...

  2. Carrie,

    Looks gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Elana and am waiting patiently until I'm off the Candida Albicans diet to try these cupcakes and her granny smith appl crisp! Yummm... Thanks!

  3. Ok I am way confused - where is the recipe??? Or is this just an ad for her book???

  4. SewCreativeSTL -- you can see the recipe in the amazon preview of the book, you have to click where it says, "Look inside" it's part of the preview from amazon and yes, while it wasn't intentional, it's sort of an advertisement for her book... but I love the book so I think it's worth sharing about!

  5. Okay, I'm not sure what happened to the recipe in the Amazon preview link... it's not there anymore (so strange, it was there this morning!!) but here is a link to basically the same recipe just with strawberries added:

  6. Thanks Carrie! Those do look great! And I don't mind so much the ad for a book - was just confused as to whether it was just that - an ad or if I was just missing the recipe. Thank you!!

  7. I love that picture, Carrie. I read a bit on another site from people who had not had good luck with coconut flour recipes. What cam out of that was that they weren't really following the recipes. Baking in general, but coconut flour in particular, is much like a science experiment. It needs to be precise, at least at first.
    And Cate, the Granny Smith crisp was the very last thing I put in my mouth before I started the Whole30. It is great, not very sweet, but I like that a lot.

  8. Great post (and holy crap - there does seem to be a lot of buzz on agave these days...!). Elana does make good eats. I don't personally make them, but my friend Angela does (and she brings them over when I invite her for tea!). It's good to make fellow celiac friends :)

  9. Can't wait to try this recipe! Looking forward to working through my coconut flour anxiety :)

  10. I totally LOVE Elana's books. Every cupcake I've made has turned out really well and people who aren't gf can't tell. I had one person ask me to make him 3 dozen cupcakes using the chocolate cake recipe in her first book. Love that they are high protein and low carb but mostly really love that they are good!

  11. These look so yummy. I think I have a little coconut flour in my pantry actually along with some palm sugar. Sounds like a perfect 'project' for a lazy Saturday afternoon. :-)

  12. I just discovered your blog. Thanks for the wonderful post. The recipe looks delicious and I can't wait to try it out.