Friday, July 29, 2011

{Gluten Free Review} Steaz Iced Teaz

I don't drink a lot of sodas... sadly not for a noble "green" or dietary reason... sodas just aren't something I grew up drinking a lot of. When I got married my husband couldn't believe I didn't know how to make tea. I think southern sweet tea is literally running through his eastern North Carolina veins. We soon bought a tea-maker because he wasn't too fond of my early attempts with a pot on the stove... and he's right -- a tea-maker brews tea evenly and it's never too strong or too weak. Michael (my husband's) special blend of decaffeinated green & black tea is still my absolute favorite tea to drink.

However, I stumbled upon this canned "iced tea" a few weeks ago when I was on my lunch break at work. I went to the local grocery store to pick up a salad for lunch and I saw these teas in the refrigerated section. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical. Most store bought teas are WAY too sweet for my taste and they often have a very "canned" and/or "fake tea" taste to them.

I am SO glad I took the chance on Steaz! This tea is absolutely delicious. It is very lightly sweetened and this flavor has just a hint of mint. The mint flavor is refreshing and light and only 80 calories for 16 oz! I LOVE this tea. It tastes like authentically brewed tea. It doesn't take like the "powdered" alternative and it doesn't have a "canned" taste at all. On days when I need to pick up my lunch at the grocery store, I'll definitely be treating myself to this tea to go with it!

And I "spoke" with a Steaz representative on Twitter earlier this week and they verified that all Steaz products are indeed gluten free! I hope they will update their website soon with this information.

Do you like tea? What's your favorite kind? Do you brew your own tea at home?
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  1. Mr C and I both love our iced tea. We're from the south and no true Southerner is without tea in the house. We like Luzianne Decaffeinated Tea. I have not seen Steaz in the stores here, but will keep a look out. Thanks for the review.

  2. HI Ruthe! We use Luzianne Decaf too! It's the best there is! :-)

  3. Wil try! Thanks!


  4. i would like to buy an ice tea maker. i am trying to buy tea to drink- i usaually buy lipton tea bags or the luzianne brand for ice tea. i love peach flavoring if i am at a reastruant - i need to find some sugar free peach flavoring and i need to check if it is gluten free- i am trying to stop eating gluten- i have eyes problems and i have been told going gluten free just might be the answer i am looking for sue.

  5. I bought the Steaz brand sugar free and calorie free iced tea last week and I liked it too!

    As someone who is G.F. and has to watch her sugar intake too, I am always on the lookout for new more naturally sweetened sugar free drinks that might be worth trying. I am normally pretty forgiving when it comes to natural foods and sweeteners, but up until now, I have really hated all the "naturally" sweetened beverages I have tried (Tazo Passion Fruit zero calorie iced tea comes to mind. Blecchhhh). Somehow the erythritol and stevia combo used by most companies ends up tasting sooooo nasty, pukey, and artificial (((shiver))) that I usually end up dumping the can/bottle in the garbage after trying one sip.
    Somehow tho, to my great surprise, my sugar free can of Steaz green tea and lemonade mix was pretty do-able on a hot summer day and I did not gag as usual! It actualy bypassed the gag reaction! And I drank the whole can and wished I had another one. :)

    I have no comment on the other Steaz zero calorie iced tea flavors ('cause I haven't tried them..) but their sugar free Lemonade and Green Tea flavor definately gets a thumbs up from me. :)