Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A frugal gluten free gift idea

Here's a super easy & frugal gift idea for you.

For Father's Day I decided to give my Dad a bunch of my homemade gluten free chocolate chip cookies. It may seem silly since he doesn't follow a gluten free diet himself... but he loves these cookies! Why not make a gift out of them? I also gave him a jar of homemade pickles I canned last summer and some of my favorite cooking seasoning.

I found an old tin that I was about to recycle and I colored a label on white paper with cookies on it. I glued the label to the tin. Taped an additional label on top and made a batch of my gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I made the cookies super small -- bite size really -- so the whole batch would fit in the tin without being smashed or broken. It worked great.

Michael and I also made homemade cards to go along with all the other homemade treats and I think for my Dad it was one of the best gifts I had ever given him.

So when you can't think of anything to give, or if you need to give someone a gift but don't have a lot of money to spend... make a batch of bite-size gluten free cookies! The people you love will be so impressed at how much time & thought you put into their homemade gift.

What are your favorite types of frugal, homemade gifts?
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  1. Perfect idea! And those cookies look yummy!

  2. Chocolate chip cookies baked with love...nothing could be more perfect!

  3. I like to put together all the dry ingredients for some yummy chocolate pecan cookies, put it in a pretty jar, and tie a ribbon around it with a tag explaining what other ingredients they'll need (eggs, butter) and how to make them! Then, once they're cooked, they can go back into their cookie jar :) I really love your idea of decorating the cookie tin though, it looks so cute!

  4. I like to gift my BBQ rub, home canned dill pickles, a chili garlic relish that I make, and a number of other quick and easy food gifts.