Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gluten Free Chocolate Protein Smoothies

I really love smoothies for breakfast & right before bed as an evening snack in warm weather. Lately I've been making a variation of this protein "ice-cream". During the summer I really want something cold (but healthy) that feels like a treat and this smoothie really hits the spot.

I like to use either raw cacao or raw cacao nibs in this smoothie because the health benefits and because I just like the taste. You could also use regular cocoa powder or even carob powder.

If you don't want to use a protein powder (and if you don't like the taste of protein powder, you probably won't like the taste of this smoothie) you can also just use a frozen banana or other fruit of your choice. I really like this vegan brown rice protein powder. You can also use a dairy or soy based protein powder if your body is okay with those proteins!

And check out the awesome blog "Heather Eats Almond Butter" she's become one of my favorite foodie blogs. She focuses on foods that work for her body type. For Heather that means a higher protein, lots of veggies & healthy fats. A base of foods similar to what we eat in our household as well! Heather is also expecting, so lately she's been posting a variety of fun pregnancy recipes! It's been a joy to read about her daily journey to becoming a mom! Go visit and send her happy congrats!

Cinnamon "Chocolate" Protein Smoothie
a variation of Heather's Heabified Protein Ice Cream

1 cup almond milk
1 tablespoon raw cacao -or- raw cacao nibs
2 tablespoons brown rice protein powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch xanthan gum (only if you want an "ice-cream" type texture)
1 dropper-full vanilla stevia
1 tablespoon raw honey
9-15 cubes of ice

Add all to your blender and blend until smooth. If you have a Vitamix you are one lucky duck & I am insanely jealous!! :-) However, my KitchenAid blender does a fairy decent job of blending this into a great smoothie! I also blend this in a Magic Bullet, and while it doesn't have the power of my blender, it still turns out a fantabulously yummy chocolately smoothie!!

Serve immediately with a really fun and super green handmade glass straw from GlassDharma! Makes 1 large serving!

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  1. This sounds great...Though I have a dumb question. There's protein powder made from *rice*?! (New to all this.) Because the soy stuff is just plain evil.

    Smoothies are a favourite for me, too. I have to eat mini-meals regularly, and consider a smoothie a mini-meal since I usually add Greek yogurt, raw milk, and/or a little peanut butter to them. Plus they're a great excuse to gobble down lots of fruit.

  2. Hi Jen!! Not a dumb question at ALL! I love brown rice protein powder! I can't use soy or dairy/casein based protein powders either! The rice protein is extracted from the rice bran. It's an all-natural product and it's vegan and naturally gluten free! I have a link in the post to the brand I use! I've heard of other great brands too though! if you use another one, you'll have to let me know what you think! I love green smoothies too! I have a whole series of posts on healthy green smoothies if you're interested! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Oh, my goodness, Heather is expecting! :-) I haven't visited her blog in a while. She's one of my buddies from the POM blogger harvest festival. Thanks for mentioning this wonderful news ... I'll head over there in just a second!

    Thanks so much for this great recipe, Carrie. I don't typically do protein powders so I appeciate the other suggesions. I've got raw cacao powder to use, and always our bees' honey. ;-) I've got leftover green smoothie for this morning though.


  4. Actually, I should add that I do use "protein powder" occasionally ... in the form of almond flour. ;-) But, of all the protein powders out there, a brown rice version certainly sounds like a good alternative. :-)


  5. Thanks for the info, Carrie! I'll have to check that out.

  6. I am sure you have this posted somewhere...but what blender do you use? I keep killing my kitchenaid ones...I think it's all the spinach and swiss chard...

  7. Hey Ness! Lately for smoothies I've just been using my little magic bullet. I'm saving up to get a Vitamix, I've wanted one for literally years! But the magic bullet does a great job for small smoothies, and actually I have a kitchenaid too that works pretty well. I've learned if you add the rough veggies & the liquid FIRST and pulse them until they are thoroughly blended, then add the ice a little at a time and pulsing a few seconds at a time that works better than anything else! :)

  8. Ness -- BTW... Kitchenaid has been awesome about replacing parts for me over the past year that I've had mine! They've replaced the blender jar for me twice!! :-) all for free! They really do have awesome customer service! Just call them and ask if they will replace for you!

  9. I've been maintaining my sanity for months with my chocolate-peanut butter smoothies! I've added a couple Tbsp PB to this recipe (sans cinnamon), but it never occurred to me to add any of my xg--TY!

    And I do all mine in the Magic Bullet, too. I have a Blend-Tec on my wish list, but that's still a lot of cleanup for one little smoothie at a time every couple of days.

  10. Hey Carrie, I whipped this one up this morning! So yummy! My kids are not protein powder fans, so I instead added some Chia seeds and threw in the other half of the banana my 3 year old had left on the counter. Other than that I made it as you listed! This one is great! My kiddos devoured their glasses of it and I had to share some of mine with them when they wanted more!
    Kim @ Cook It Allergy Free

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  12. Sounds tasty! I have recently started to incorporate protein powders into my smoothies. I find that the added protein in my diet keeps me from craving sugary foods and overeating. I just bought Nutiva hemp protein. Lots of fiber and protein and it's dairy and gluten-free. Yay! It does have a bit of a "powder" taste to it though. I've also tried Vega - I actually liked it better, but it's more expensive. :-P