Monday, July 26, 2010

2 weeks with the kid...

Over the past week my husband and I have had our 6 year old nephew staying with us. It's been both a fun and challenging ride for us and for Chris.

For one thing, I'm not sure how moms in general blog. Where do you find the time?

My husband says our house (which seemed small before) seems absolutely tiny now. If we ever have kids he says we have to get a bigger house and a dishwasher and 4 bathrooms. 4 bathrooms hon?

I have learned that this once unpicky kid will not eat on command. EAT IT... that doesn't work. And don't tell him it's good for him. That doesn't work either.

I have learned that he can eat gluten free without knowing it and he likes it anyway!

I've learned that kids need to not only come with an instruction manual, but a first aid kit. So far we've had 2 nosebleeds, a bunch of scrapes and scratches, lots of bandaids, and a bad cut on the forehead from accidentally falling. A cut that nearly caused this aunt & uncle to have a panic attack, not only from worrying about the cut & the kid, but worrying that the kid's mom will have our heads for letting her child get hurt.

I've learned that hearing bedtime stories read by your husband can really melt your heart.

Every day is filled with giggles, sneaky smiles, bananas (which is a SNACK by the way, NOT dessert), and sticky hugs & kisses.

While this kid decidedly doesn't want to eat lettuce, he'll eat carrots, bacon, and macaroni and cheese like it's going out of style.

Meals with the kid this week have been simple & kid friendly and actually quite nutritious:
  • gluten free mac & "cheese" made with Daiya (so it won't hurt my tummy) carrot sticks, and apple slices.
  • pizza made on a gluten free almond flour crust (recipe to come!) with fresh watermelon as a side.
  • a very simple homemade chicken soup: homemade chicken stock, chicken, a little brown rice, salt & pepper, carrots, and celery.
  • the kid's favorite ham & provolone (the round cheese per Chris) sandwiches, made of course with mustard & ketchup. And served on almond flour bread. (He said they were delicious sandwiches!)
  • gluten free spaghetti noodles with homemade "loaded with veggies" spaghetti sauce made from our CSA box earlier this summer. The sauce was so chock full of zucchini, squash, mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers, we didn't even serve additional vegetables, which the kid thought was a super cool treat.
  • Saturday morning breakfast: homemade oatmeal from Bob's Red Mill GF rolled oats. This kid devoured two bowls of homemade gluten free honey & cinnamon oatmeal and declared we needed to make it for dinner! I was so excited he enjoyed this!
  • Treats & Sweets: a cinnamon variation of these almond flour cookies have been a huge hit, along with cinnamon toast (the kid likes cinnamon & vanilla... must be genetic!) made from almond flour bread. Bananas are a popular snack, we've been through more bananas than I probably eat in 2 months!
We have another week with the kid and I have to admit despite feeling exhausted from all the activities we're squeezing in during the week I'll really miss him!

I hope we can make this a summer tradition with our nephew and I'll share more about the kid-friendly meals & snacks & breakfasts we make in the upcoming week.

What are your favorite gluten free kid-friendly meals and snacks?

The winners from our 30 Days of Gluten Free Quick & Easy Meals Giveaway will be announced soon!

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  1. Have you tried vegan overnight oats or chia pudding (with cacao?) on him yet - somehow those are two foods that totally make me think of childhood and the vast amounts of chocolate pudding I ate then.

    Question for you: do you have any resources on baking with almond and/or coconut flour without using eggs? Along with my list of food intolerances (gluten, dairy, and to a lesser extent corn), I also have a list of foods I am supposed to avoid per my doctor and naturopath, and sadly egg is on that list. I really want to do more low-glycemic baking but am stumped when facing recipes which call for six eggs. Replacing 1-2 eggs with flax seems easy enough, but six? So any books or websites on baking with almond and coconut flour would be so appreciated, particularly if they address the egg issue. Thank you!!

  2. Now I am very curious about chia pudding with cocoa! Is that something I've missed on your site? Otherwise, Valerie must share.

  3. Fun! Sounds like you're getting a good workout and some "training" for the future! Sounds like he has a typical palate, but good for you for getting him to try new things. That is HARD to do. Trust me.

  4. To answer your question: When do moms find time to blog?

    When they are asleep for the night.
    When they are napping.

    and on occasion

    *when they are in time-out

    So many moms fall victim to hours of television...hours of shopping.

    Not me. I write or work on my children's books...

  5. Oh, please don't tell my 6yo old that bananas are not a dessert. He thinks they are not only a great snack, but a really wonderful dessert. It's unusual for him to not eat 3 bananas in a day, oftentimes two of those are for dessert after dinner. As my 9yo once said, "You know, dessert does NOT have to be JUNK!" I LOVE that kid! Of course, don't get me wrong, he'll still beg for that occasional lemon Italian Ice or fruit popsicle, but he's just as happy with a piece of fruit (for him, though, it's anything but bananas... well, and oranges and kiwi, but that's because he's allergic to those!)

  6. Sounds like your creativity and flexibility in the kitchen paid off! We have picky kids, and it's hard to make something they like. Especially with 3 of them and it seems like there isn't anything all 3 of them like - except maybe Dr. Pepper and Cheetos - both things I cringe at! I definitely need to check back for some of your recipes you've mentioned are coming soon!

  7. Carrie, I have said those words to myself all of summer long, "When will I get time to blog with both boys home?" And exactly as Momnivore said, it only happens when they are sleeping, napping, or when I let them watch an occasional movie. Hence the reason that I only do a few posts a week - it can take me all day just to get one done! LOL
    It sounds like you guys have had a great time with him. Looks like you are a natural! And those meals look great!