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Gluten Free Cookbook Review: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow (and a giveaway!)

I have been slightly obsessed with my Crock Pot lately. And I have a very good reason. THIS cookbook was just published by none other than Stephanie O'Dea, author of the highly popular gluten free cooking blog, A Year of Slow Cooking. I like to pretend that Stephanie and I are really good friends and she lives next door.


You don't pretend things like that when you find a gluten free cookbook author that you absolutely adore?

You will LOVE this gluten free slow cooker recipe book. Stephanie is a completely down-to-earth, un-snobby, un-foodie mom, wife, and home cook. Her writing is easy, friendly, and welcoming. Her first priority is her husband and children and slow cooking meals is simply a delicious bonus.

Stephanie took on the challenge of slow cooking a meal every day in 2008. She wanted to provide healthier meals for her family by cooking at home. She accomplished this goal by chronicling it on her very popular blog, "A Year of Slow Cooking." Stephanie's clever, honest remarks (the "Verdict") about every recipe she tried is what makes her blog and her book so compelling. There were many amazing recipes... and there were also bombs... and each one was really fun to read! Stephanie was honest about each and every recipe and also shared the reactions of her entire family: which could range from everybody LOVING the dish, to her kids not being willing to even touch a meal because of the aroma!

(But no worries, the cookbook contains absolutely NO bombs!)

Stephanie doesn't pretend to be a master chef. She admittedly says she burns anything in the oven and the slow cooker offered her a way of cooking that allowed her to prepare foods easily, cook foods without burning them, and a way to be more organized in her kitchen.

The recipes in this gluten free cookbook run the gamut of very easy to advanced. Many recipes have a short ingredient list with items that can be found in any local grocery store. Even if you are NOT gluten free, you can buy this book. Stephanie adds gluten free notes because her family eats gluten free, but this book is for any family and any cook!

I've tried 5 recipes so far from Stephanie's book:
  • Butternut Squash Soup = My verdict: Amazing... a smooth creamy soup without any butter or cream and it was so easy to make overnight in my crock pot! I've had it for lunches this week!
  • Bread Pudding = My verdict: My first attempt at "baking"something in the crock pot.. and you better believe I'll be doing it again... like maybe tonight, or tomorrow, and this weekend... but sometime soon because this stuff was GOOD!
  • Black-Eyed Pea Soup = My Verdict: I made a vegan version of this recipe and it was really delicious! I've always loved cooking beans in the crock pot and this soup is one reason why!
  • Chicken Parmesan = My Verdict: Nope, I didn't taste one bite of this since I'm still doing the vegan diet thing, but my husband and my inlaw's LOVED LOVED LOVED this dish. They said it was fantastic and there were absolutely NO leftovers. So obviously it was really good.
  • Homemade Chicken Broth = My Verdict: I made this last night for my husband. He LOVES homemade chicken soup, and honestly I probably haven't it made it in a few years. This was a simple way to make homemade broth and it felt very domestic! I love learning how to make things myself! Michael ate two bowls for dinner last night and took another huge container for lunch today. I'm assuming that means it was pretty darn delicious. I had Amy's Black Bean soup (the whole vegan diet thing again)... and no leftovers for lunch *sigh*

Other recipes from Stephanie O'Dea's "Make it Fast, Cook It Slow" I plan on trying REALLY soon:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • White Bean and Pesto Spread
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Dip
  • Baked Oatmeal
  • Breakfast Risotto
  • Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole
  • Broccoli Casserole
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Refried Beans
  • Enchilada Casserole
  • Tamale Pie
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Lobster Bisque
  • Cioppino
  • Cedar Planked Salmon
  • "Fried Chicken"
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Ratatouille
  • Rice Krispies Treats
  • Chex Party Mix
  • Cheesecake
  • Blueberry Buckle
  • Apple Crisp
  • And the list just goes on and on and on... seriously!

My copy of this cookbook already has so many dog-eared pages, food stains, and creases in the binding that I know it will hold a permanent place on my very limited counter space!

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this cookbook. This book is incredibly fun to read and it will encourage you want to cook more things at home!

It also just so happens that I have two copies of this book. Hyperion, the publisher, contacted me several months ago and offered to send me a copy of the book to review. That was fine, but I told them that I had already pre-ordered my copy! As soon as I heard that Stephanie was publishing a book, I pre-ordered! I knew already that I would love this book. Hyperion sent a copy anyway, so now I have this lovely extra copy of an awesome, gluten free, best-slow-cooker-recipe-book ever...

Would you like it?
I promise I won't send my food-stained, dog-eared copy!

Here's how you can enter yourself in the "Make it Fast, Cook it Slow" Giveaway:
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2. AND leave a comment below and tell me your favorite slow cooker recipe!

3. If you are already a subscriber, leave a comment below anyway and tell me why you'd love a copy of this book!

You have until October 31, Halloween 2009 to register for this giveaway!

And then it will be time to get slow-cooking!

Carrie's Disclaimer:

Honestly, I really just wanted to write:
This is seriously an awesome cookbook. It's the best gluten free cookbook ever. Hands down.

NO, I wasn't paid by Hyperion.. I didn't even want the free copy...

I WANTED to BUY a copy (which I did) because Stephanie is such a cool person and we food bloggers have to support each other...

Now go and buy a copy of this cookbook RIGHT now, because you need it and everybody in your family needs one for Christmas.

I wonder if Rivel would pay me to endorse their Crock Pots, I could use another one... that I might just be willing to do! ;-P

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  1. I am already a subscriber through google reader :D

    I am obsessed with her recipes lately because I started yoga teacher training on top of my 50 hour a week job and my crock has been our saving grace!

  2. I've been using my crock pot quite a bit lately as I have a new baby at home. This book sounds great and of course I hope I win a copy!

  3. AMAZING!" I subscribe through googlereader. Looks like a great book, particularly for those with little time to prepare.

  4. I subscribe. I love making chili in my crockpot - yum!

  5. Love reading you in Google Reader - and I've been dying to make some things in my crock pot this fall and winter! Looks like a good reason to start!

  6. I am subscribed! Pulled BBQ Pork & bean soups are a favorite here especially as the cooler weather comes in.

  7. Carrie,
    In my blog neighborhood YOU live just next door! You and "the crockpot lady" have been in my email for so long I do think of you as friends! I would so love a copy of this cookbook. I've been trying to do the budget thing (I appreciate your other blog too) so I didn't order it.
    My favorite recipes in the crockpot always seem to have beans and/or chicken, like chicken chili!

  8. Carrie, just last night I told my husband that I need another crockpot so I could have two cooking at the same time. I've been making marrow broth and that takes 3 days, so don't YOU think I need an extra one, too? I need all the support I can get to persuade him to buy another.
    Crockpots are great stress relievers.

  9. I love her stuff I subscribe to both of your sites. I have tried tons of her stuff. I really want this book but couldn't swing the $ yet. oh well maybe I will win it!

  10. I love to make pot roast with veggies.

  11. Hi Carrie!

    I love my crockpot, am on a frighteningly tight budget and would adore this cookbook!! So many 'favorite' crockpot meals, but one of the top ones (and stupidly easy!!) is whole chicken legs with a jar of salsa dumped over them - that's it! Delicious and verstile, you can eat the meat in pieces or shred for tacos, nachos, burritos, etc....


  12. I am subscribed through reader. I love crockpots! I need to use mine more :)

  13. I'm a subscriber through google reader, although I signed up for the email version incase that didn't count.

    I have also been really into using the crock pot, but we're always looking for recipes. Maybe it's the fall weather. Actually we're having beef stew from the crock pot tonight, can't wait to go home and eat :D

  14. My dad's on a GF diet and my brother's a slow cooker fiend so the book sounds almost like it was made for my family! My favorite slow cooker recipe is French Dip. Yum, yum, yum.

  15. Hello! I have recently begun reading your blog fairly religiously! I do not love my slow cooker because I constantly have to modify the recipes from my totally gluten-filled cookbooks. But I am a food warrior, and I keep trying. I invented my own super fast slowcooker recipe (below) which makes my house smell like winter.

    Gluten-Free Slow-Cooker Pot Roast ala Kattus

    2 lbs of beef (they now sell "pot roast" cuts at my local Alberstons, fyi)
    4 medium potatoes, coursely cubed (I like purple ones...)
    1 large yellow onion, coursely sliced (I am not much for prep)
    1 cup marsala wine
    5 small sprigs fresh rosemary
    salt and pepper
    2 cups boxed tomato/red pepper soup (Trader Joes and Alberstons carry this)

    Layer the onions and potatoes, then the meat. Stick the rosemary sprigs around and on the meat pour the soup over the meat followed by the marsala.

    Cook on high for 2 hours, turn down to low for 6-8. Flake or chunk the meat with a fork, salt and pepper to taste and serve with steamed veggies, salad, or some rice fusili with pamesan... ay ay ay!

    Thanks, KP

  16. i LOVE my crockpot and use it a lot! i'm always on thel ookout for recipes. my favorite is a chicken tortilla soup :)

  17. I have two favourites, really. One is pulled pork in BBQ sauce, with lots of onions, and the other is just old fashioned pot roast, with all the stops pulled out. The first I now serve over mashed potatoes, instead of crispy buns with soft, fluffy insides, and I'm looking for a *good* GF Yorkshire pud to serve alongside the second.

    Thanks for all the work you've put in,


  18. OK, I have 6 Crockpots because of this fantastic lady, but not 6 cookbooks. You could possibly be the only foodie blogger I read that is giving copies away. I could love you for that alone, but I also dig the recipes you put out, too. Thank you for being so kind to your loyal followers.

  19. I am a subscriber. My favorite meal to make in the crock pot is chili. It has a better flavor when slow cooked.

  20. I love Cream Cheese, Sausage, and Rotel Dip (AKA Mommy Crack). It would be sooo nice to have the cookbook so I don't have to keep running upstairs to access the recipes (my computer is upstairs).


  21. I love her Cream Cheese, Sausage, and Rotel Dip (AKA Mommy Crack).

    It would be so nice to have the cookbook so I can look up the recipes instead of having to run upstairs to the computer!


  22. If you don't mind sending over here (UK) I'd like to enter. I don't have a favorite recipe cos I don't have a slowcooker but I'm thinking about getting one and this would be the perfect excuse :)

  23. I just subscribed ...

    I'm not a big crock pot cooker but want to be ... so Stephanie's cookbook would be a welcome addition to my cookbook collection. I've got two crock pots and have only used them for keeping things warm - clearly I need to branch out.... this cookbook would help me to do that.

  24. My all time favorite crock pot recipe is pot roast. It's one of the only things you can leave for 10 hours at a time!

  25. I already subscribe via google reader. :)

    I'm a huge crockpot fan - and a huge Stephanie fan! So I'd love to win her book!

  26. My favorite crock pot recipe is bbq pulled/shredded pork. I take a pork roast and season it with salt, pepper, chipotle pepper, a little oregano. Then put it in the crock pot and cover with a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of spicy V-8 juice and chicken broth. Then cook on high for about 1 hour, then turn crock pot to low and cook for 10-14 hours or overnight. Then scoop out the meat and pour out most of the juice or freeze and save for you next pork roast. Shred the pork and add back to the liquid then add in your favorite GF bbq sauce.

  27. My family is so tired of chicken and rice....I need some new EASY recipes to rev up our dinners.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I LOVE my slow cooker and use it often. This book would be fabulous to have on hand as we are now a gluten-free family. Thanks! My favorite slow cooker recipe is tex mex chicken.
    Throw in fresh or frozen chicken, top with salsa, add in peppers, onion, and a TBSP of taco seasoning. Let cook on high 3-4 hours. Serve over rice, with cheese, and sour cream. Also makes a good dip. Thanks
    thegood2 at gmail dot com

  29. I subscribe through Google Reader .
    I had the fortune to meet Stephanie at Blog Her Food.
    I only wish her book had been out then so she could have autographed a copy. I love to slow cook and would have a hard time choosing my favorite recipe.
    But since you asked, I think it must be my chai. I keep a pot in the cooker most of the winter. I love how it warms my body and spirit.

  30. I'm already a subscriber through Google Reader too.
    AND...I already have this book on my wish list. I just can't wait to get it. My husband just went gluten free and I'm crock pot obsessed so it's a perfect fit.
    My favorite crock pot recipe is to make HOMEMADE YOGURT!! We make at least one to two batches a week. My recipe is on my blog... here...

  31. You know my favorite Crock PoT recipe because you found it on my blog,

    Sloppy Ging

    You should pick me. I'm not as cool as you. Hyperion didn't send me a book. But they should because I'm on BlogHer.

  32. i subscribe thru google reader too. and i would love this book! i have a slow cooker but am not a fan of stew and can't think of other gluten free things to cook, so this would be awesome!
    email at greenhills12345 at yahoo dot com.

  33. I subscribe through google reader to your site. Being new to gluten-free....I have learned quite a bit here!

    My favorite thing to make in my crockpost is Rudy's BBQ Sweet Cream Corn.

  34. My favorite slow cooker recipe has to be vegetable soup (great for cleaning out the fridge and having a wonderful meal ready when you get home). Something about the slow, all day simmer that really intensifies and blends the flavors.

  35. My daughter (14) was diagnosed as celiac last December- luckily, I was already a subscriber to Stephanie's adventure and had several recipes I could try right off the bat. I would love to have a copy of this book!

  36. oh, goodie! A giveaway! :) I'd love that cookbook...and with winter coming, the slow cooker does get used more. I really like making a chicken taco soup in the slow cooker, we eat it for days after. So good!

  37. I subscribe through google reader too! My brother gave me a crockpot for Christmas. I rarely use it, but I would like to use it more and think a cookbook would make that happen.

  38. My favorte crock-pot recipe is for cheesey potatoes. I was able to convert my original recipe to GF--yipppeee!

  39. Ooo ooo ooo, me me me! (raises hand) I'd love a copy of this book. (actually, I put it on my Amazon wish list before I even finished reading your post) I eat gluten-free, and strive to cook at home every night, but we all know how realistic that is...this book would help ease my kitchen duties while still providing some creative, yummy meals! I might even get another copy for my mom...she doesn't care much to be in the kitchen, but she has to cook gluten-free for my dad. This would be a great solution!

  40. I recently started using my slow cooker and love it! I just made a black bean soup that was delicious! I would love to win a copy of this cookbook so I can have a lot more recipes to try!

  41. I already follow you! I have been crazy busy and have missed checking your blog. THanks for sending a post! My favorite slow cooker recipe is chili! I also use it a ton for roaster chickens for other recipes and that yummy broth. I would love to win a copy of this book Thanks for offering it and reviewing it for us! Kellyc

  42. I'm already a subscriber. I am so busy with 5 kids, I need some gluten free crockpot meals to make my evenings less stressful. One of our favorites (pre-GF) was Italian Beef using dry packets of Italian dressing and dry packets of Ranch dressing. I wish, wish, wish I could figure out how to adapt it to be GF!!!

  43. I'm a subscriber through google reader. I love her recipes, and I'm even making the Bacon and Cheese Chicken recipe for dinner. I love so many of her recipes!

  44. Hi Carrie! How sweet of you to bless one of your readers with your extra copy of this cookbook! We are a semi-new GF family and have used a lot of your recipes so far! I'd never heard of Mrs. O'Dea's site, or her new book before now, and have to say I'm very intrigued! With a busy family of 6 so far, I would LOVE to have more "self-cooking" crockpot meals that could turn to with the confidence that it would be saving precious time without sacrificing quality for my family!!

    As I said, I don't have a whole lot of crockpot ideas to share, but I do love to make a big pot of sloppy joe in my crock now and then =)

  45. Oh, and I forgot to add that I am already a (very happy) email subscriber!

  46. I love Stephanie's blog! I found it accidentally by looking up how to make yogurt. I have made her squash soup, 16 beans soup and am looking to make more. I love my crock pot and will be using it more. I guess I should really look at buying her book since I love her blog so much! I just really can't afford it right now. Also I am looking to go more gluten free and also sugar free!

  47. I'm an email subscriber who makes your chocolate banana muffins at least once a week!

    My favorite crockpot meal is potroast with potatoes, carrots and onions flavored with lots of fresh rosemary.

  48. I just subscribed. I found your blog recently b/c my hubby was recently diagnosed with celiac...and we need some help in the kitchen. My goal this past year was to try and become more organized in my life...latest step is to use my slow cooker more--yee just helped me finally acheive a New Year's Resolution!!!

  49. Stephanie, I have a gluten intolerance, so I fall off the wagon sometimes. GF is difficult for me because we have a VERY small food budget and all the GF products cost so much. I still have to try your chocolate chip cookie and bread recipes. If I could learn how to make some inexpensive desert type foods it would help me stay on the wagon. Thank you so much for all the recipes you provide. I LOVE my slow cooker and would LOVE to win this book so my life can be made a little easier toward the GF lifestyle. I know my family would also benefit from less gluten. I do struggle and would love to have some good recipes to ease my difficulties. :) Anwyay, my favorite crockpot meal is a sweet and sour potroast with potatoes and any veggie on the side...mmmmm.

  50. Hi Stephanie,

    I am gluten intolerant. I feel much better when I don't eat gluten, but often fall off the wagon. It is difficult for me to live the GF lifestyle because of a VERY limited shopping budget and lack of easy recipes. I have tried to find GF recipes (and have many of yours) that are quick and easy. I LOVE my crockpot and would LOVE to catch a break with this GF lifestyle. It would be wonderful to win this book. I really want to stay GF, but because I am intolerant, it does not effect me the same way as it would someone with Celiac, so it is easy to vear away from it when life doesn't allow the time. I desperately need to stay GF and was so excited when I saw that you were giving this book away. Maybe these recipes will be a turning point for me. I hope you would consider me as the winner. I just can't afford to buy this book.

    Thanks so much and thanks for all the time you put into this blog. We appreciate it.

  51. I am an e-mail subscriber. :)

    I would love a copy of Steph's book because I have millions of her amazing recipes printed on computer paper, and it would be MUCH easier to use them in cookbook form.

    I love Steph's recipe for Mac & Cheese in the crockpot. My kids love it too!

    Cinde ~ Gluten Free Taste of Home


  52. Carrie,
    Look at all these crock-pot fans! We all love free stuff! I'm part of the recipe group site and also subscribe. I love getting wrapped up in others' recipes and ideas for GF. Would love to have this book. Enjoy the soup!

  53. My favorite slow cooker recipe is moraccan chicken! It's chicken with root veggies, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, prunes, and rice. DELISH!!!!

    I would be delighted to recieve the slow cooker cook book!!!

  54. I'm already subscribed in my Sage reader (it's a Firefox plugin)!

    I'd love a copy. I use my Crock Pot a LOT, but I don't have any slow cooker cookbooks. I just make up the recipes. This is SO not vegan, but my fave so far has been Chipotle Pork Hominy Stew:

  55. Fantastic review! I'm glad you love the book =D. I subscribe via Google Reader, and would love this book to push me to dig out my mom's crockpot and actually use it!!

  56. My favorite slow cooker recipe is an extremely simple pinto bean soup.
    I'd sure like to expand my gluten-free crock pot horizons and would love to win this book

  57. I subscribe in my Google Reader - the e-mails feeds just get deleted. I cherish my Google Reader time! :)

  58. I love that you showed the layout - it's so cute. What else would we expect from Stephanie?

    I pretend like I'm friends with Ina Garten. Seriously. And Martha Rose Shulman, and sometimes James Beard,though he has passed on - which only makes it even stranger.

  59. I've just resolved to use my crockpot once a week. My favorite recipes are sweet and sour meatballs (my mom's recipe) and a soy ginger chicken from Martha Stewart. That cookbook sounds like I could really find great recipes to expand my slow cooker options.


  60. I would LOVE to win this cookbook. I made her crockpot yogurt the other day and am now a huge fan! My crockpot is also one of my best friends, but I need more dinner ideas!
    Thanks GLG!

  61. Oh how I've wanted that cookbook!!!

    We love making meatloaf in the slow cooker - hamburger, crushed corn chex, topped with BBQ sauce.

  62. Dear Carrie,

    Here is why I need this recipe book. Because almost everything I have ever made in a crockpot has been a DISASTER. I even burnt tomato sauce once - and it was so bad I had to chuck the crock pot too. Yet somehow, I keep getting them as gifts. I can cook on the stove, in the oven, on the grill/bbq - but the crock pot scares me!

    I make everything from scratch around here given that we are gluten/dairy/soy and sometimes egg free (depending on who is eating). It seems like a crockpot would be a good idea, right?

    My favorite recipe will be the first one I make and can stand to serve the family. No joke.


  63. This would be so awesome to have. I know that if you loved it, so will I. I love your recipes.

    I need to find things that my kids will eat. Sounds like this book is the bomb (I want to try the bread pudding!)

  64. I read both the blogs!! I really need this book, I have six kids and half are gluten free half are not. SO difficult to find GF recipes where they can't tell. (yes, I am sneaky!!LOL) Even if I don't win, will probably go buy the book!!

  65. Carrie,
    I would love a copy of this book! Both my dd and ds are autistic and about 4 months were put on a GFCF diet. Let's just say the recipes I have tried have been disasterous! My husband is ready to revolt! I would love a copy of Stephanie's cookbook. Maybe I could even stop my husband from running to McD's for his gluten/casien fix!
    I just found your website today and it looks great!

  66. Okay, so now I am officially a subscriber to your page- I have been a lurker and really enjoy reading what you are cooking up- some of your recipes have become favorites in our house. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Carrie for sharing. You have made our lives (2 GFCFSF boys and a non-GF husband) so much easier with the GF info you share. (Um, I gave up on making bread until I read your how-tos and now I get a perfect loaf almost everytime). My favorite crockpot cook up- pulled pork or beef with Bone Suckin' BBQ sauce. I really need to work on our crockpot variety so I would be thrilled to get Stephanie's book!

  67. Carrie,
    I would love a copy of Stephanie's cookbook! My son and daughter are both autistic and we have been put on a GFCF diet. I have tried to take my old recipes and make them GFCF = lets just say they crashed and burned. Right now we have a rotation of pancakes, store-bought nuggets, and pasta. Help! My husband is about to revolt. I loved my slow-cooker pre-GFCF and would love to start using it again. Maybe with the help of the cookbook and your great site I can stop my hubby from going to McD's for his gluten/casien fix!
    Thanks so much,

  68. Another blog I love reading! I'm an official subscriber now, after lurking around for a bit.

    I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance around six years ago now, and just when I thought I'd conquered it, I moved from Virginia back to my home country in Southeast Asia. An entire new challenge, that required the rental of a room, instead of an apartment, and my slow cooker has been my salvation. Literally. Time and time again. I have a tiny slice of kitchen and a stove that's half-working, and just got given a small oven, but my slow cooker? I'd love to learn to use it -properly- for gluten-free, safe cookery since I'm usually out teaching all day or at rehearsals in theatre! So yes. I would love to have a copy of the book to learn how to fully utilize my crockpot...

  69. I've been trying GF recipes here and favorite slow cooker recipe is chili...hands down. Pot roast is a close second.

  70. I subscribe via Google Reader (that way my email inbox stays uncluttered). My favorite thing to make in the slow cooker changes with the seasons; right now, it's pork stew.

  71. My GD#1 has lots of tummy problems ... we are just now trying to eliminate problems thus our desire for the cookbook.

    I use for all my favorite blogs.

    Thanks for this chance to win.

  72. I just found your blog this week. I have been GF for about 8 weeks now and am really loving how much better my tummy feels; how much more energy I seem ot have; and discovering what I can eat and how to amend old recipies to a new life style.

    I am still trying to make friends with my slow cooker. Last week I made a pork roast in it. Very good flavor, and hte first night the meat was moist, but dry the second. Don't know what I did.

  73. Carrie,
    I'd love this cook-book! I love gfree recipes that let you know how the other people (who can eat wheat/gluten!) like the dishes!

    Our favorite crock pot recipe in the winter is taco soup. You can make it with chicken, beef or without meat.
    Dump cooked meat (if using) in crock pot . . . diced, pulled to pieces . . . however you like it.
    Add black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans (and any other kind of bean you'd like . . . altho' we discovered black-eyed peas aren't wonderful in this!)Add corn. Beans & corn = 1 can or whatever you have leftover in the fridge.
    Add diced or pureed tomatoes (I use Rotel and run it through the blender because my guys don't like chunks of tomato.
    Add taco seasoning, pepper, Mrs. Dash, garlic . . . and whatever else sounds good to you. The taco seasoning has enough salt! Make sure the taco seasoning is gluten free.
    Add water or broth until it looks right to you for your family's taste (my guys like soup that's not too soupy!).
    Cook as long as you can stand it - at least 2 hrs. Serve with tortillas, tortilla chips or corn bread & salad.

  74. The most interesting and delicious thing I have made in the slow-cooker is apple butter. First I made applesauce, then reduced it in the cooker with the lid propped open using a wooden spoon. All the apple butters in stores now-a-days have HFCS in them!

  75. Love your blog! I'm subscribing right now!

  76. My favorite meal in a crockpot has got to be chili!! If you have some time, stop by my blog as I am also having a giveaway! Spanish Earthenware, Terra Cotta Dishes :)

    Looking forward to your emails!


  77. I LOVE her. And Yes, I also pretend we're friends. My favorite recipe is her slow cooker orange chicken. Nom nom nom.

    I also love that she showed me how to bake bread in my crock pot. <3

  78. Getting up at 3:30am doesn't leave much desire to cook at 4:30 pm. The crockpot is a life saver. My favorite recipe is Maple Chicken with Sweet potatoes. It is so tender by time is it done my 10 month old rips it apart.