Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ginger Lemon Girl's Fall 2007 Mystery Photo Contest

Can you guess what this is?

Hint: This appears only in the fall in eastern NC (and other agricultural areas of the US)!

This is the first photo contest (one for each season) in which I will take a picture of a mystery item. The item may pertain to gluten-free food, something seasonal, or it may just be random picture I have taken. This photo contest comes with a few requirements though...

1) You will have to guess what the item is by sending me an email to: gingerlemon_girl (at) yahoo (dot) com

2) You must include your guess of what the item is - AND-

3) YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR FAVORITE FALL OR THANKSGIVING MEMORY/STORY/ RECIPE/ PHOTO, etc...! Please write at least 4 sentences, and include a photo if possible! OR - you can also do a full blog post with your fall/thanksgiving story if you wish and send me the link!

4) The deadline for submitting your guess of the mystery photo along with your Fall/Thanksgiving story is TUESDAY, NOV. 13th!! All entries and the winner will be posted on the Ginger Lemon Girl's Fall Mystery Photo Round-Up on FRIDAY, NOV. 16th!!

Is there a prize?

  • YES! There is a prize! The lucky winner of this contest will receive a beautiful copy of: The Kitchen Doctor's Gluten Free Cooking for Health, edited by Anne Sheasby. This beautiful book has over 50 recipes with full color photographs. The recipes have both American and British measurements! This will be mailed to the address of your choosing!

  • Each season will have a different prize! Prizes will be anything from cookbooks, handcrafted afghans, seasonal locally made items from North Carolina, or even baked cookies!

How will you choose a winner?

  • If there is more than one correct GUESS to the mystery photo, all correct entries will be placed in a hat, and Michael will draw the winning name! If there is not a correct guess, all entries will be placed in the hat!

If you have ANY questions regarding this contest, or want to submit your entry, PLEASE email me at: gingerlemon_girl (at) yahoo (dot) com

**All entries MUST be emailed to me by Tuesday, November 13th to be included in the Final Roundup on Friday, November 16th!

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  1. I have to admit I have no clue what that is - and not only am I a native North Carolinian, I'm married to an Eastern N.C. boy!

    I'm going to forgo the game because I want someone who NEEDS the cookbook to win it, but I might have to post about my favorite Thanksgiving! (I'll try to do it on time, but you know how my schedule is. Plus, my second anniversary is next Monday (whoa) so I'll have even less time to cook!)

  2. Hi Abby!

    LOl... you'll be kicking yourself after you find out what it is!

    I'd still love to hear your Thanksgiving story!1

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! That's So exciting!! Michael and I just celebrated 3 years!! Are you doing anything special?

  3. I've got absolutely no idea whatsoever. I'm very curious. Looking forward to finding out!

  4. I think we're going to just drive up to the mountains this weekend for the day. There's a restaurant I really like in West Jefferson - and I'd love to take some pictures of the foliage!

    We're pretty broke with Brad looking for a job and Christmas coming up, taxes due, and saving for our Europe trip in the Spring. So no gifts! Just time with each other!

    I'm going to show Brad that picture and see if he can tell what it is.