Sunday, September 30, 2007

This Week's Menu... (10/1 - 10/5)


Time once again for the weekly menu! Another wonderful reason to create a weekly menu is for your sanity. It keeps you somewhat organized throughout the week! (And I need all the organization I can get!)

Even if you don't follow the menu completely, you have a great list to go by and all the ingredients needed. I usually try to center our weekly meals around chicken, ground turkey, occasionally boneless pork loin (when it's on sale), and a weekly vegetarian dinner. This week I didn't quite follow that pattern. We are going out of town next weekend, so I wanted to use as many fresh items in our fridge as possible before we head out... and I have three new recipes I am excited about trying!

Make sure to check out Ms. GF's menu for this week! It looks delish! Also, you'll probably find more GF menus on Natalie's blog and Book of Yum.

NO... frogs are not on the menu...
*the random picture for today*
This is what you take pictures of when you're not snapping shots of food and you don't have kids!
We have these little green tree frogs everywhere in our yard at night!
Michael took this photograph for his upcoming blog on backyard wildlife!

Okay, back to the menu! You could call this weeks menu a: "Comfort Food Week." Living in the south, I learned how to make a LOT of comfort foods growing up. While I didn't make all of these dishes in particular, they all seem pretty comfy to me!


Roast Chicken
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Green Beans with Pearl Onions


Spiced Apples


One Dish "Bake and Rise" GF Pizza (recipe coming soon)
Green Leaf Salad


Eric's Lemon Butter Chicken (recipe coming soon)
with GF pasta
Steamed Broccoli


Leftovers and "clean-out-the -fridge" night!

Desserts and Baked Items:

Apple Spice Bread (recipe coming soon)

Breakfast and Snacks:

Hot Quinoa Cereal
Toasted Whole Foods Raisin Bread
Assorted Fresh Fruits
Grits and Eggs

Just in case you didn't catch my good news over the weekend, here it is:


Have a wonderful week! Make sure to check back throughout the next few days for the "coming soon" recipes listed above!
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  1. How did you get on the virtual book tour for Shauna? I am so envious of you! I will be here to be sure. I love her stuff and really want to be her if I eer grow up And I hope the corned beef is good! I cooked all weekend, so it's a leftover week for me...if I can get over this bug I seem to have :-(

    much love!

  2. Congrats on the interview. I'll look forward to it! I love seeing everyone's menus too. Thanks for sharing. That frog is pretty darn cute!


  3. Ginger - Thanks so much!!! I can't wait for the interview! I also can't wait to try your corned beef!! I hope you feel better really soon!! Cooking on the weekends is a great way to take care of meals! My friend Angie does that as well! I tried it for a few weeks, but it was too tiring for me to do it on Sundays... I turned into a crab when preparing meals... and I enjoy cooking too much to do that! ;-)

    GFCF Mom - Thanks so much for your congrats! I'm really looking forward to it myself! I think your menus are incredibly creative, with the boundaries you have to go by! Your kids are blessed to have someone so creative making their meals!! I love those frogs... I have to admit that's one of the reasons we moved here! My husband and I are both animal lovers and we love having outdoor wildlife!!

  4. Great looking menu, everything looks yummy!!!

    Happy MPM!


  5. your menu looks great too! I Love Corned beef and cabbage!

  6. Congrats on the interview.

    And..your menu look great. I LOVE roasted chicken, so simple yet so fabulous!

  7. Love the new header, cutie. Menu looks great!

  8. Sandra and Niki - Thanks for the comments!! Aren't MPM's fun!!

    SM - Thanks so much for the compliments! Roasted chicken is one of my favorites and stays in my menu rotations! We eat it at least every other week! I love having that leftover chicken to use in a casserole later in the week or to freeze! I also love making my own stock with the leftover chicken! Yum!!

    Natalie - thanks for the compliments on the header! I wish I could take credit for it! My wonderful friend Jennifer and her husband Casey created it for me and are nice enough to host the pic for me!! I'm really going to try and start learning some HTML so I can figure out how to do some of this stuff for myself!