Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Before the house tour, walking around the grounds.
We visited Monticello (located in Charlottesville, VA) on Wednesday, June 25th.

A small outdoor patio on the left of the house.
And I'm the QUEEN of summer fashion... don't be jealous! lol

The flowers on the outdoor patio, Jefferson's personal study is located to the right of this wall. 

Monticello from the right side. Directly behind the brick wall is the guest room of the home. 

Through this hole in the trees to the right of Monticello, Jefferson could see his project,
"The University of Virginia" being built. 

Specifically there is not a "front" or "back" to Monicello, however this is the view from the gardens and
the view you see on the US nickel. 

A guided tour about slavery and Monticello. Jefferson had over 600 slaves throughout his lifetime and
approximately 150 worked at the home/plantation  at any given time during it's operation.

The vegetable garden at Monticello must have had 20 different
varieties of kale! I just wanted to grab bunches and take them
home for dinner!

You can see 40 miles to the west of the Monticello grounds on a clear day. It's such a gorgeous landscape!

The garden pavilion and vineyards.  

ARTICHOKES! I had never seen them in an actual garden before! 

more kale varieties!

and even more kale varieties! 

Michael looking through the windows of the garden pavilion. 

We rode the shuttle up the hill to Monticello, but on the way
back we walked down the path which allowed you to see
Jefferson's grave and more of the beautiful grounds. 

While Jefferson had been President of the United States, and held
multiple political offices over the years,
he only wanted these two accomplishments listed on his gravestone. 

The path back to the museums and gift shops of Monticello. 

Here's lookin' at you kid! 

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