Friday, October 28, 2011

{gluten free review} caveman cookies

A couple of months ago this little company called "Caveman Cookies" reached out to me and wanted to send me samples of their "paleo" cookies. At the time I hadn't changed my diet and I was incredibly skeptical about the cookies.

My friend Heather was already eating "paleo" and I decided to give her a bag at dinner one night. The next day I tried the cookies. They are chewy, spicy, and I liked them a lot! But I didn't find them very sweet since I was still eating a lot of sugar and carbohydrates at the time.

I took the rest of the cookies to work and stashed them in a desk drawer. I sort of forgot about them.

Then I started the paleo diet. I ditched the starches and flours and gluten free pastas and baked goods.  I started eating lots of lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits and baked goods made from almond flour. And one afternoon I was really jonesing for a snack. A sweet snack. I remembered those caveman cookies.

I tried them again and now they tasted like pure sweet honey-filled joy! I needed to kick the sugar habit to truly discover how awesome these cookies were. They are very hearty & chewy cookies. (I love chewy!) You only need one cookie to kick the urge for a sweet craving. I love the spices used in these cookies, especially the 'Tropical' kind. I'm sort of hooked on anything with ginger. Imagine that.

These cookies aren't cheap. For the smallest package you'll pay about $1 a cookie, but if you buy a larger quantity each cookie is much cheaper. The cookies have no artificial ingredients and because honey acts as a natural preservative the cookies have at least a 1 year shelf life. The cookies are also made in a dedicated gluten free factory and are CERTIFIED gluten free! So you can trust these folks. If you are gluten free and/or following a paleo type food plan I highly recommend keeping a batch of these caveman cookies around. They would be perfect to have in your purse for emergencies or to keep in the car for road trips.

And who says you can't have a treat when you're paleo? These cookies are the perfect healthy, naturally gluten free treat!

Have you tried them? What flavor of Caveman cookies would you want to try? And their company slogan -- "Just like your great-great-great-great-great.... grandma used to make." It makes me giggle every time!

To the folks at "Caveman Cookies" (who didn't pay me or influence my opinion in any way) -- Thank you for sending me these goodies to try. I think they are great! I'm not sure how you knew I'd be changing my diet in the months after I received the cookies... but I'm sure glad I had them around for that inevitable 3pm snack attack!

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