Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gluten Free Review: Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch

Lately I've been on a granola kick. I LOVE Udi's orginal granola (and you can buy it on sale this week on Amazon!) which has lots of nuts, dried fruit, and of course gluten free rolled oats. But I'm also a huge fan of chocolate! When Enjoy Life contacted me a few weeks ago to try their allergen free chocolate granola, I thought sure why not! Who doesn't love chocolate? And for breakfast? Yes, please!

Now I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. While I have tried and liked Enjoy Life's other types of allergen-free granola, they honestly didn't knock my socks off. It's good granola, especially if you can't have nuts/gluten free oats, etc... but it wasn't my favorite.

Last night I wanted something chocolatey after dinner. So I decided to open up the bag of this chocolate allergen-free granola. First, the scent just made me smile! It smelled SO good! Super chocolately -- and reminiscent of childhood favorites like Cocoa Puffs!

Then I tried the cereal dry, it was AWESOME! Really crispy, super crunchy with bits of REAL Enjoy Life Mini-Chocolate chips thrown in! I was seriously in chocolate heaven. I ate my small bowl and had to remind myself I was trying to lose weight, so I really didn't NEED another bowl!

Another thing I like about this granola is the serving size -- a full 1/2 cup! If you're a granola fan you know generally your serving is a much smaller 1/4 cup. Which I don't mind most of the time, it helps me keep my serving sizes in check... but with the Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch granola, you get double that serving size for about the same calories! Awesome!

Nutritionally, Enjoy Life chocolate granola contains 3 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber and 190 calories per serving. Which means if you add 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk and a banana you have a fairy decent breakfast! I am impressed with companies like Enjoy Life, Rudi's, and Udi's who are trying to provide more nutritionally sound gluten free food choices! I hope in the next few years more & more gluten free products on the the market will have less white starches & flours and more whole grains and fiber!

Way to go Enjoy Life! I loved this cereal and I would definitely purchase it. I noticed on the Amazon listing today that this double chocolate granola is on sale for only 13.06 for a 3-pack, which if you use Amazon Prime means that you get this cereal for about $4.35 per package, not too shabby for a healthier gluten free cereal!

What kind of flavors would you like in a gluten free cereal?
 Which is more important to you: nutrition, cost, or both? 


GLG Product Review Disclaimer: 
Enjoy Life provided this product for me to try at no cost. I was not paid for this review and Enjoy Life 
did not have any influence on my opinion in this unbiased review. 
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