Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend Setbacks

2008 Flashback
January 19, 2008 - Gluten Free Crescent Rolls

As you know I've been monitoring my food intake very closely lately. I've been journaling, writing down what I eat along with just being much more conscious about my food choices. (And not eating those awesome gluten free crescent rolls! If anybody figures out how to successfully make them dairy free you have to let me know!)

I had a wonderful weekend visiting family. The only downfall was my food choices. Actually it wasn't the choices, but the portions. It's amazing how quickly I want to revert back to large portions if I'm not actually writing down what I'm eating. Emotional eating can quickly follow.

So back to the basics this week. Portion sizes in check. Last week I found these really cute lunch boxes online and I purchased a set. It's similar to a bento type lunch, but it's all one container which is really convenient! Today's lunch was brought in the cute lunch box. Somehow packed lunches seem much more appetizing when they are in cute containers. Yes?

Setbacks are frustrating for me. I want to beat myself up. I get frustrated that I don't see immediate results when I drastically change my eating habits. And these feelings often revert back to emotional eating... which can revert to messy counters... which can revert to eating out. It's one big messy cycle.

Yet even though I do have a few dishes in the sink today (and really it is only a few -- much better record than before), and even though I just went through a few days of emotional eating... I'm jumping back on track today.

How do you handle food/activity/emotional setbacks?


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