Monday, March 9, 2015

Review: Sprouted for Life Gluten-Free Vegan Flax Bread

Sprouted for Life: Gluten-Free Flax Bread

Food for Life graciously sent me two loaves of their newest breads to try. I don't accept many pitches for food reviews these days, as I've become rather picky. I want foods that really nourish my body in addition to being gluten-free and soy-free. I also want them to be plant-based, whole foods. I'd prefer as little added oils, sugar, and salt as possible. Which means most packaged products don't fit this criteria.

However, Food for Life has created a brand new line of healthy, hearty GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN breads that are really good. Now if you're looking for plain white sandwich bread, don't buy this. I doubt this will appeal to children or those who do not enjoy breads with distinct texture. However in my gluten-eating days, I LOVED Ezekiel bread. I've always been a bit hippy dippy... and whole grain, sprouted Ezekiel bread was my favorite. I loved the dense, rich texture and the grainy goodness!

These two new gluten-free, vegan breads from Food for Life are wonderful. They are great toasted or just warmed in a pan or in the microwave.(I'm not sure I'd enjoy them straight from the package -- a bit dry for that).  I have enjoyed toasting two slices and loading them up with veggies and hummus, it makes a delicious sandwich. It's also great toasted and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon for an evening treat. And the cinnamon raisin variety makes a killer peanut butter & jelly sandwich!

Sprouted for Life: Original 3 Seed Gluten Free Bread

I think one reason I always enjoyed the Ezekiel bread is I felt good about eating it. I felt like I was feeding my body well and enjoying whole and nourishing foods. And that's what I'm enjoying again. Having the convenience of a packaged food, yet also feeling like it's healthy and nourishing my body.

This bread would be excellent for stuffing, for a vegan toast on Sunday mornings, for individual pizzas, etc... I'm going to be asking one of my local stores if they can carry this for me. I'd love to be able to purchase it on a regular basis.

Another nice thing about this loaf, it's a NORMAL sized loaf of bread. It's not tiny, and the slices are actually big enough for a sandwich. Win. Win!

Were you a fan of hearty whole grain breads like Ezekiel before you went gluten-free? Why did you enjoy them? I have a feeling you'd miss them a lot less with this bread in your freezer! 

GLG Disclosure: 
The product samples were sent to me by Food for Life to review on my blog if I CHOSE to do so. 
This is NOT a sponsored post and I did NOT receive monetary compensation. 
The opinions in this post are completely my own.
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