Sunday, May 18, 2014

Country Church Photography: Union Grove Freewill Baptist Church

I saw the little sign for this church while I was taking a drive last week. Intrigued, I went back on Saturday to take a walk around. This one is quite different from the others I've found so far.

This little church shows how much beauty there can be in simplicity. There are no outward symbols of their faith, such as crosses or statues. The grounds are well maintained and lush with green grass. I love the little round window above the doors.

When I walked around the property and found this sign, I felt more connected to the parishioners here. The church had been rebuilt in 1945. I love this keystone dedicated to their history and their faith.

I didn't notice the contrast on this photo until I was editing pictures at home. I love how the shadows begin exactly along the fence-line. The church had this small cemetery on the back grounds.  The flowers on this very old gravestone were new.

I also love how this church sat exactly at a bend in the road. You could see the sign from either direction, and it was such a beautiful place surrounded by tobacco fields on a tiny back country road.

And my sweet Max joined us on the ride. This cat LOVES LOVES LOVES to take a ride! He was safe and secure in Micheal's lap and he was pretty intrigued by the lovely little church too!

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