Thursday, February 14, 2013

Enough, 100 Words

I found this writing prompt through the blog "LouCeel" today and I was intrigued and challenged! It's a weekly writing challenge that is prompted by simply one word. This week's word is: enough.

While I love to cook and bake... I feel like my real gift is writing. And sometimes it's just fun to use a creative prompt to get the "literary juices" flowing.  So here is my entry for this week's 100 Words.

He’s been there 12 years.  Through 11 “ Saint Valentine’s Days.”  In the beginning I needed reminders. I needed the reassurance, flowers, and chocolate.

There were years he forgot. No flowers at work… oh the fury of scorned women.

Expectations were unmet, I didn’t  feel loved, respected. Pouted for days.
Silly, now. 
I wake up to him nudging me.  Turn off the alarm. Cats purring.  His warm smile. We’ve made it. There’s no actual NEED for schmaltzy gifts.

Staring at those beautiful dark brown eyes who have always loved me back, it’s all I need. So much more than enough.

Happy St. Valentine's Day M! 

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  1. So glad you found us! Welcome to the 100 word army. ;)

    Great debut! And such a sweet one. Speaking of sweet, I'm also glad you found us because I'm always happy to find healthy recipes. I've yet to try very many gluten free ones, so I look forward to trying out some.

  2. This is so beautiful & heart-warming Carrie. I hope to find this type of companionship someday. Great job.

  3. Wonderful, introspective piece! Sounds to me like you've discovered what your heart knew all along, real love isn't about the show of gifts and dates remembered, its about what grows between you thru the years, the knowing, the being there for each other, the incredible sense of belonging.