Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Sanity Challenge update...

Here's a recap of my personal goals for this month's December Sanity Challenge, which I shared a few weeks ago:

  • I will write down three things I am thankful and grateful for every day. 
  • I will enjoy a dessert/sweet treat/baked good only once per day and in a small portion (1 small muffin, 2 small GF cookies, etc...) 
  • I will take a short 15 minute walk outside at least 2 times a week, both for letting go of stress and to encourage myself to exercise more. 
  • To help with our budget this month, I will not buy anything new (used or thrift store items okay) for myself. See Leo Babauta's challenge this week for my inspiration to do this for the remainder of the year... and I would actually like to pursue this in 2013 as well. 

So how have I done thus far?  I'm sort of embarrassed to admit not very well... The first few days were a piece of cake, easy-breezy, no problem. And then I found myself getting (once again) boggled down by stuff. Holiday stuff. Calendar stuff. Work stuff. Life stuff. Stuff... stuff... stuff. 

I've eaten too many sweets. I've forgotten to be thankful. I dismissed taking a walk on multiple occasions. I bought a Roku without even THINKING about my spending challenge (I mean it literally didn't even cross my mind until I was sharing about the purchase with hubs that evening..) Ooops...  And a fancy-smancy dish-drying mat that's supposed to dry quickly.. even though hubs said that it was proprietary and didn't count. I'm not exactly sure what proprietary means in this case, but we'll go with it... 

But at the same time... it's a good reminder. The "stuff" can so easily get in the way. So, so very easily. The vacuum of Holidays can be so enticing, so enormous, and so easy to get swept into. So easy, that even when you purposely plan NOT too... you STILL find yourself in thick of it without a second glance.

Another goal that I've also found myself working towards is spending less time online. Less social media. Less email. Because time is precious... and the interwebs can be a time-waster and a joy-sucker. 

And I need the time. Time is truly priceless.  

So I'm taking a cue from Cheryl's most recent Sanity Challenge post and be more gentle towards myself. Not with cookies or chocolate, but by simply being more forgiving towards me. This challenge isn't about perfection, it's about worrying less and enjoying more. 

So I'm going to watch quite a few AS MANY cheesy Christmas movies as I can (because no matter how cheesy, they still warm my heart)... listen to as many Christmas songs as I can (because I love them), and let go of the perfection... 

sigh with happiness!

already watched this twice... 
elf, elf, elf, how I love you!

And "x" out of  facebook and email more often, because I really don't need to keep up with everything you've done in the past fifteen minutes. (As much as I love you!)

And really try to sneak in a few more evening walks... because I really do love them when I actually make the time to lace up my worn out sneakers. 

And Elf... I might watch Elf at least 3 more times... because I laugh senselessly for two hours straight. And laughing is awesome. Way, way underrated... that laughing. 

I'm not exactly sure where this photo came from (someone shared on facebook from a picture they saw on pinterest! I swear I'm not trying to steal anybody's photos!)... but it's cracking me up today... 

(Hopefully this is the correct attribution!) 

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  1. Love your honesty and your Christmas movie goals! We usually have watched Elf at Thanksgiving plus one more time by now. Soon.

    My own goals are hit and miss. Some I thought would be simple have proved to be hard to do. I appreciate being more mindful of where my time is focused and feel this is a good process. Thanks for making me aware.

  2. Arg. Google ate my comment. Well...too lazy to write it again, but suffice it to say, I think you're awesome and I wish I could watch Christmas movies with you. :)

  3. We are all about the cheese, too! Well, of the dairy free sort-LOL! In our house on "Pie for Breakfast Day" (the day after Thanksgiving) we put up the tree and watch "White Christmas." I can't believe you have "A Muppet Family Christmas" on there! I have one of the original VHS tapes that we watch every year. Love it!

  4. We are all about the cheese, too! Well, of the dairy free sort-LOL! In our house on "Pie for Breakfast Day" (the day after Thanksgiving) we put up the tree and watch "White Christmas." I can't believe you have "A Muppet Family Christmas" on there! I have one of the original VHS tapes that we watch every year. Love it!

  5. OK, you make me feel human. You are so far ahead of me as my Sanity Challenge goals didn't even make it to a list even though I had great intentions. But I LOVE seeing the groupings of movies. It is reminding me of ones I want to relax and see. I am the least prepared for Christmas than I have ever been and I am determined to not stress. It doesn't help that I've been sick! BUT, I am going to enjoy moments and not look at the big picture as to how my whole holiday should be playing out in terms of the expected "norm". Does that make sense? But just knowing there are others out there who are trying hard to jump off the frantic, buy everything, do everything, decorate everything bandwagon is inspiring. One big picture I AM trying to look at is letting the work-type things I choose to do be things that will help my new year run more smoothly. In other words, lots of decorating, lots of shopping to buy things I have no place for will only add to my work in January meaning I will start out the new year behind. This idea is not for everyone since I know some people live to decorate for Christmas but I hope to spend time I would spend decorating and doing extravagant baking to just clean up and organize a few piles...maybe while I'm watching one of those movies! Thanks for sharing with us.

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  7. Love that picture! That's a riot. It's you're unplugging a bit! That can be so refreshing. And it's awesome that Christmas movies give you so much joy!
    Big hugs.


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