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Gluten-Free Food Bloggers in North Carolina

I love North Carolina. I've been a resident since I moved here for college in 1997 1996 (yikes!). It's kind of amazing I've lived here longer than I lived in Virginia growing up.

Over the past 5 years I've noticed a growing number of gluten-free bloggers in North Carolina and I just wanted to highlight them today.

What I love about all these blogs is the HUGE variety of gluten-free cooking, baking, and lifestyles you will encounter. Some are parents, some are college students, some enjoy eating out, others cooking in, some live on the coast, others in the mountains!

If there's a gluten-free North Carolina blogger that I've missed in this list, please let me know (gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com) and I'll add them ASAP! 

These websites are listed in alphabetical order.   


Chacha's Gluten-Free Kitchen -- Written by Kathryn M. Chacha's GF Kitchen is a delightful gluten-free food and lifestyle blog based out of Cary, NC. Kathryn (aka Chacha) shares her favorite whole foods recipes, many of which are naturally gluten-free, along with her faith, her family, and finding fantastic local restaurants in the Triangle area, which cater to gluten-free patrons.

GingerLemonGirl -- written by me, Carrie Forbes. Started in 2007. A gluten-free food & lifestyle blog. My writing has morphed over the years and now focuses on healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free recipes along with personal musing on holistic self-care. I am inspired by gluten-free foods that treat me well, are super healthy, and of course taste delicious. I live in rural Eastern NC.

The Gluten-Free Dish -- written by Debbie R. This blog focuses on holistic wellness and gluten-free living. As one who has thrived despite living with severe health issues, Debbie shares her journey and what she has learned along the way in the search for healthy, whole living. As a devout, loving, and faithful Christian she also shares her day-to-day life with her husband, two sons, and their happy golden retriever. Debbie lives in the Triangle area of NC.

Gluten-Free Fox -- created by Kristen Campbell and her boyfriend Tyler. Kristen is the founder and creator of Gluten-Free Beauty, a company that creates all natural and healthy gluten free beauty products such as serums and creams for healthy, happy, gluten-free skin. Gluten-Free Fox is a blog and a search engine designed to help you find everything you need gluten-free! Kristen lives in the coastal area of NC.

Gluten-Free Galley -- created and written by Liz Pearce. Liz is a gluten-free baker from Raleigh, NC. Her bakery, "Gluten-Free Galley" has been a huge success and she creates delicious gluten-free baked goods and desserts using whole, fresh, and local ingredients. Liz's baked goods can also be found in several Whole Foods stores in Raleigh and Cary. Liz also provides gluten-free baked goods to a local restaurant, Tribeca Tavern. In her spare time, she's an amazing mom, enjoys paleo-ish cooking, and hanging out with her husband Nathan.

Gluten-Free Kids Rock!  -- written by Nikki Everett. Nikki is one amazing woman who runs some of the best gluten-free and allergen-free expos in the southeast US! Nikki also started a gluten-free support group for people in the Charlotte NC area several years ago when her daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. This blog shares fantastic gluten-free tips for parents and families of kids with celiac disease.

Gluten-Free Mimi -- Created & written by Melissa Friend. Melissa is a gluten-free baker selling her delicious homemade gluten-free baked goods in the Statesville area of NC. You can also find her on facebook where she shares what's she is baking for the day and when she will be selling and delivering to local stores and farmer's markets in the Piedmont!

Gluten-Free Raleigh -- written by Zach Becker. Zach has been a key advocate for those with celiac disease  in the Triangle since 2008. Hosting numerous fundraisers for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, for kids going to a local gluten-free summer camp, and even for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, Zach has worked extremely hard to bring celiac disease to the spotlight in central North Carolina. Though Zach is "semi-retired" as a blogger, he still shares the most up-to-date and accurate information about gluten-free news in the Triangle.

Gluten-Free in NC -- written by Jeff SanGeorge. This website is one of the best resources around for learning where you can eat and shop gluten-free all over North Carolina. The site is comprehensive and is constantly adding information on new gluten-free eateries and grocery stores around the state. Jeff hales from Greensboro, NC and is a passionate advocate for celiac disease awareness. Jeff also leads a gluten-free support group in the Triad.

Gluten Hates Me -- Written by April Marlow. An incredibly fun and lighthearted blog that shares "Marlow's" latest gluten-free kitchen creations, restaurants reviews, gluten-free traveling tips, and her journey through grad school. Marlow hails from Durham, NC.

I'm a Celiac -- written by Pam Jordan. Pam is a full-time celiac mother of three (including a set of twins), works part-time, and is a pastor's wife. Her upbeat blog chronicles her gluten-free journey, shares recipes for her whole family (including some veggie-hating kids!), and includes restaurant and product reviews. Pam's super fun sense of humor shines through on each post. Pam and her family live near Winston-Salem, NC.

Spoonful at a Time -- written by Jenni. Jenni is new to the blogging scene, but has a great website sharing her journey into gluten-free cooking and baking, gluten-free restaurant and product reviews, along with awesome gluten-free organization and blogging tips. Jenni recently shared a guest post highlighting some of the best places to chow down gluten-free style in Raleigh, N.C.

Yum Yum Yum -- written by Erin out of Charlotte, NC. Erin's gluten-free food blog focuses on using healthy, local, and naturally gluten-free ingredients. Erin began her blog in 2007 and has been sharing her simple, delicious, and healthy recipes with North Carolina readers ever since.


Gluten Free Carolina Girl -- written by Ashley, a new gluten-free food & lifestyle blogger to the North Carolina scene. We hope you'll check out her blog and find out her latest new gluten-free recipe or restaurant review! 

Do you have a gluten-free blog and reside in 
North Carolina? 
Please let me know and I'll add you to the list! 
Just email me at gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com. 

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