Tuesday, July 17, 2012


lately we're spending lots of weekends traveling to see my Dad, who is very sick in the hospital. this is the view from the waiting room. the pictures are taken with my sad little flip phone, but i actually love the grainy, unfocused quality of them. 

because life feels rather fuzzy some days right now. we spent lots of time waiting. a little bit of time visiting. a lot of time hoping and praying. i'm not worried about clarity, about perfect meals, or about how often i'm getting a work out in. it will happen. 

within the halls of this big hospital are these little quilts from patients who have gotten better. in this particular area, the quilts are all from cardiac patients... it's comforting to see them.

visiting hours end at 10pm. when we get there i try to see Dad at least 3 times a day, in the morning, in the evening and once before bed to wish him good night. saturday evening he mouthed "i love you" and squeezed my hand. i decided it was a good night to visit my old friend the roanoke star. it was hot and humid and you could see a cloud hanging over the valley above all the lights... 

but the star, my star, was bright and beautiful... as always. 

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