Friday, June 15, 2012

"He needs a sticker that says "Just Add Water"

My boy's gonna be okay!!! PHEW.... 

We had a great visit with our veterinarian today and she said the poor little guy was bone dry from the medication he was given at the Emergency Vets (which we continued through the week). Which is okay. It was an urgent situation and they weren't exactly sure of what was wrong with him, so the ER Vets did the best they could. I'm incredibly grateful. 

Our vet said that Mitten was extremely, extremely dehydrated, so we stopped the current medication (which was causing him to be so dehydrated -- the Vet said he needed a sticker that says, "Just Add Water" lol). He was given IV fluids and we were encouraged to keep giving him electrolyte replacements for a few days (Pedialyte) until he was more encouraged to eat.

The vet currently thinks that the main issue may be feline diabetes, which should be generally easy to manage with the right diet regimen and possibly medication. We'll visit the vet again early next week and see how his progress is and what we need to do from there.

Just want to shout out a HUGE thank you to all of the wonderfully kind and thoughtful comments and emails I've received over the past few days in regards to my Mitten. In our house our pets are our family and I feel extremely blessed to have so many readers and friends who have a similar love for their furry friends. I am SO appreciative of your heartfelt thoughts and prayers! They worked! Thank you!!

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