Monday, January 23, 2012

This Week's Menu -- Meet Maya

Meet Maya
This is Maya (pronounced "my-uh"). She's kitty #3 in our house and is about 6 years old. We adopted her as a kitten. M & I are both crazy for our cats. Yep, we're those people. And we're okay with that. If you're not a cat person, you won't get it. Don't even try. But these kitties... they bring me a lot of joy. They are really good company. This particular kitty is always waiting at the kitchen door when I get home. She's the main talker in our family (I think she talks more than M & I do put together). She responds when you speak to her with abbreviated meows and half-purrs, by rubbing her head against your arm. By keeping your lap or legs warm in the dusty pink armchair. She's a grey/blue kitty with patches of orange tabby stripes. Maya is a very thoughtful cat. She'll bring Max (our 4th kitty) his favorite toys when she wants to play. She will curl up with me quietly when I've had a bad day. She seems to know the right times to talk and when not too. People often have a hard time with that skill.

Maya is our mostly gluten free kitty. This girl needs her protein. (She's a lot like her owner the person who buys her food! lol) She doesn't do well with grain-based cat foods... and if you feed it to her, she'll throw it right back up... you know, on your shoes, or right in the middle of the hallway, or right where you'd put your feet down on the floor when you get up in the morning. She'll let you know her tummy isn't happy.

Maya also hates my alarm clock. If I hit the snooze too long, or don't hear it going off.. she gets near the top of my head, roots around my head, finds a good patch of hair and tugs on it hard to wake me up. Thanks Maya.

In other news... we're in the midst of a very busy time... cookbook writing is in full swing and I'm in the thick of it. Through the end of February, the blog will continue to be on the back burner unfortunately. I hope you don't mind.

But I am trying to get back in the habit of weekly menus... life sure goes more smoothly for me when we have a menu plan in place. And I think Michael is actually getting sick of cereal nights (maybe a blessing in disguise?)

This Week's Menu: 

  • Monday -- Cheryl's sniffle stew (with something in place of the chickpeas, but I'm not sure what yet... maybe ground chicken meatballs or something) 
  • Thursday -- Gluten Free "Spaghetti" and Meatballs... I will either use spaghetti squash or "Miracle Noodles" (Anybody tried them? I've heard rave reviews!) 
  • Friday -- Sauteed chicken & veggies -- not sure of the seasonings we'll use yet -- possibly Greek Seasoning, Herbs de Provence, or a very mild mix of Indian spices. 
  • Saturday -- Taco Salads using ground turkey, taco seasoning, avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, olives
  • Sunday -- Breakfast for dinner -OR- Leftovers 

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  1. Welcome to your new little one!!!


  2. lol! Thanks Brooke! She's been around a while... but we're pretty darn glad she's around!

  3. I've been wondering about those noodles, but haven't convinced myself to buy them yet. You'll have to report back if you do!

  4. Pretty kitty!!! I heart kitties!!!!

  5. I tried those noodles and thought they would be much better in Asian noodle dishes. The sample I had was done Italian style and it wasn't awful, but it had a more Asian texture and I like Asian food, so it could just be me. So excited to see this new cookbook. I couldn't manage without my slow cooker.

  6. Samantha -- I have some! If we try this this week, I'll report back!! :-)

    Diane! ME TOO girl! They are the best!!

    Wendy -- I know what you mean about the texture being closer to something that would work in an Asian recipe... so maybe I'll switch up spaghetti for something else! :-) Maybe with sesame oil and ginger!

  7. What a pretty kitty Maya is! I totally understand -- all too well. We live in an apartment and are limited to one at a time right now, but I can see myself being "the crazy cat lady" some day. Hershey who spent 17 years with us died at the end of the summer. Thought I was too heartbroken to take on another one, but... Callie came to live with us just before Christmas.

    I've never tried the "Miracle Noodles", but we love spaghetti squash so I rarely buy any kind of noodles.

  8. Just a comment on Maya and your kitties. Yes, I am called 'the crazy cat lady', so I definitely get it. I have to have cats around. Had 3 rescues and then found a kitten by the side of the road who had crawled out of the woods on a deserted road ( where someone dumped her). So now there are 4. Love them all. bless you for loving them and learning from them.

  9. Maya is beautiful. She reminds me of our first cat, Chrissy, who we lost two years ago at age 17. I can't imagine life without our current kitties: Thomas (full name: Thomas the Tank Engine Kitten McQ - that's what happens when a 4-yo names a kitten) and Samuel.

    You know I'm always willing to test recipes if you ever need an extra crock pot. Mine's sitting on the counter these days as I'm trying to use it more often. We tested soups for a friend a few years back and LOVED the experience. So, just say the word if you need any help.

  10. I have started using zucchini noodles instead of any pasta. I don't love the texture of spaghetti squash,

  11. Those miracle noodles scare me, not food at all - they're made of cellulose (tree bark)! I say stick to spaghetti squash, yum ;)

  12. How did I miss this post on the lovely Ms Maya? Our dudes are so high maintenance that I cannot imagine having 4!