Friday, November 11, 2011

five for friday: new gluten free foods

I have to admit I'm a more than a little behind on doing product reviews. I've had quite a few companies send me product samples the past few months and I am super appreciative! Due to my own dietary restrictions I haven't tasted all of these products myself, but my husband and local support group were more than happy to be taste testers!

I'm "borrowing" this five for friday idea from so simply good, a fun gluten free paleo blog I recently discovered. I'd love to make this a weekly event... would you link up if I continued this series on a weekly basis?

So today I'm sharing five products that were sent to me to review. The "five" things will be different every week. It might be five reasons I love something, five of my favorite blogs, five recipes I've tried & loved, five flops I had in the kitchen... if you're up for being part of this event I'll pick a theme for each week!

We liked this bread. I had several pieces and thought it was similar in texture to Rudi's bread. I liked it best toasted. My husband said he liked Udi's better (and I agreed), but thought it was still a good bread and he would gladly use it for sandwiches. I like that it's a larger loaf than Udi's with about 14 slices in the bag and it looks more like a "normal" loaf of bread. Michael liked that the slices were larger than Udi's, and made a bit larger sandwich.  Overall I'd give this a B+.

This little company based out New York send me a 6 pack of of these lovely jumbo-size muffins! The bakery makes both regular muffins and gluten free muffins, but says that it strives to maintain a very clean & sanitized bakery to make safe gluten free muffins. Sadly, once I received the muffins I double checked the ingredients online and realized they contained soy flour and/or soy milk, and I am highly allergic to soy. The flavors are banana walnut, double dark chocolate, and blueberry. Michael tried each of them. He (of course) liked the chocolate ones best and he said they had a nice cakey texture. If you live in New York area, apparently these jumble gluten free muffins are available at many local bakeries. Have you tried them? Michael gave them an B.

This crisps are made by the same company who produces Kettle Classics potato chips. The crisps are supposed to be a lighter, healthier, crispy chip. I received a large box of these chips and I shared them with my gluten free support group. Overall everyone really liked the Mesquite BBQ and the Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Crisps. They were very light tasting, very crispy and the flavors were great. If you really like potato chips, I think you'd be a fan of these crisps. The only odd flavor was Vanilla Frosting. I think we were all thrown off because of a chip tasting sweet. For me it didn't really work, and I believe the Vanilla Frosting flavor contained dairy (as may have the Mesquite) so make sure to read the ingredients carefully if you have multiple food sensitivities. Michael really liked the BBQ flavor. Overall I'd give these chips a C.

Seriously oatmeal is one of my favorite foods. I've not eaten it much in the past few months since I started a paleo food plan... but I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for a hearty bowl of oatmeal. I love the texture, I love the flavor, and it's a great comfort food. I was so excited when Bakery on Main decided to send me a few samples of their gluten free "instant" oatmeal packs. What I loved most about these little packs is they are full of natural, whole, and healthy ingredients. No corn syrup, no fake flavorings or colors.... just a simple, filling bowl of natural oatmeal. I tried the apple pie & the maple multigrain. I gave my friend Jennifer the strawberry shortcake. My favorite flavor was maple and I loved the consistency and the light sweetness of these packets. They were not overly sweet and made a healthy serving. Go Bakery on Main! A+

You know what I love best about Crunchmaster? You can find these chips in MANY regional grocery stores! I have seen them at my local Food Lion AND Walmart! And when you're gluten free that can be a truly awesome thing. In my past 5 years of being gluten free there have been times I've been to a restaurant or even some types of convenience stores and I absolutely could not eat ANYTHING in the place... knowing these chips are so readily available is really great -- especially when you're traveling! With my current food plan, these chips are not on the menu but Michael and I both enjoyed the crispy crunch of these chips & crackers. Michael enjoyed the flavored kind (I can't find it on the website, but I think it was something like Cheddar?), I personally enjoyed the plain crackers with a hint of sea salt. These crackers had a great texture and they would be perfect for upcoming holiday parties! I give Crunchmaster an A.

Do you have a gluten free five for friday you would like to link up? Please share with me below!

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