Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week's Menu - Working the Plan

So last week, with Cheryl's encouragement I made a plan to exercise along with my meal plan. I'm happy to say that I exercised 4 days last week and I'm very proud of that progress! Having a designated plan for my workouts really did make a big difference. I hope to have the same success this week! I didn't lose any weight, but I'm actually taking a break from the scale for a while. I think I can become number obsessed...and right now it's more important for me to make exercise a priority than worry about the numbers.

Last week I also mentioned that I was going to make my baked oatmeal in the slow cooker to have a prepared breakfast. A few people asked for better directions on how to do that. Here's what you do: Mix up the baked oatmeal batter as directed. Grease the inside of a stoneware insert of a small 3-4 qt. slow cooker. Pour the oatmeal batter into the slow cooker insert. Cook on HIGH for 2-3 hours or low for 4-5 hours. The top will not get super brown, but the sides should become crisp & golden and the baked oatmeal will be firm all the way through. It's a super easy way to prepare the dish without using your oven.

The meal plan this week is similar to past weeks. I'm relying on easy meals to make sure I can make it to the gym or get my exercise in at home. Lunch, as always, is planned leftovers (meaning, I generally try to make enough food at dinner to ensure we have lunches the next day.)

Breakfasts & Snacks This Week: 
  • Chocolate hemp shakes
  • celery w/ peanut butter or almond butter
  • rice cakes with peanut butter or almond butter
  • boiled eggs
  • ham & turkey rolls
  • mixed nuts
  • baked oatmeal with added raisins, ground flax seeds, and sliced almonds
Dinners This Week
  • Monday - Sauteed turkey sausage with red & orange peppers & broccoli
  • Tuesday - GF sandwiches OR cereal night
  • Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner: scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, toast, and fruit
  • Thursday - Ground turkey & quinoa skillet meal
  • Friday - Homemade GF pizza with salad
  • Saturday - Out to Eat, GF Support Group Meeting
What are you having? 

Workout Plan This Week: 
  • Monday - 1 hour water aerobics class
  • Tuesday - 1 hour with trainer
  • Wednesday - 1 hour with trainer
  • Thursday - 45 minutes/3 miles with Leslie Sansone DVD
  • Friday - OFF
  • Saturday - Jillian Michael's "frontside" workout for beginners (starting with a more basic workout, the Shred is KILLING me! lol)
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  1. Shred is REALLY hard! Her yoga meltdown DVD is AWESOME though, give it a try!


  2. Love seeing your successes! Definitely getting to the gym and making it priority makes sense over #s. And absolutely valuing your success (getting planning, more veggies, healthier foods, regular gym habit) is more important than wt, and it can be nice to take a break.
    Have a lovely week!


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