Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gluten Free Baking *101* E-Cookbook


This little book has been a long time in the making!  Several years ago I started teaching a basic gluten free baking class out of my home and I created this instructional cookbook as the teaching material. 

It's been through quite a few revisions now and instead of only having about 6 basic recipes, it's been revised to contain 24 recipes. Many of these recipes are my favorites here on the blog, but quite a few are brand new recipes that I've both created & adapted to the gluten free/casein free/soy free diet. While this book does not contain hundreds of recipes, I believe the selections here will be some of the most useful recipes for everyday gluten free baking in your kitchen. 

I told my husband a few months ago, that out of all the gluten free cookbooks I had in my kitchen, my printed copy of Gluten Free Baking *101* was the cookbook I used most often for my own baking. That was surprising to me and I wondered if a simple gluten free recipe book with basic, reliable recipes would be just as useful to others. I feel confident that you too will come to rely on this small collection of exceptional gluten free recipes!

A few highlights from the book: 
  • Most of the recipes contained in this book rely on my favorite gluten free flours: brown rice flour, sorghum flour, and arrowroot starch. 
  • The recipes are easy to follow and budget-friendly.  
  • The  beginning chapter gives you background information on ingredients, teaches you how to prevent cross-contamination in your kitchen, and how to create your own gluten free flour mixes. 
  • Includes recipes for our favorite chocolate chip cookies, my Dad's best pancakes, the Gluten Free Master Baking Mix -- along with 6 additional Master Mix recipes, a brand NEW and EASY recipe for gluten free sandwich bread,  and many others!
I'm proud of this little book, I've worked hard on it and I'm now happy that I can share it with you. I hope these recipes are as helpful to you as they have been to my family.

You can find this e-book in my "store" located at the top of my page -- http://gingerlemongirl.blogspot.com/p/store.html, along with ordering it from clicking on the pictures above and below.

 Ginger Lemon Girl's Gluten Free Baking *101* E-book
By: Carrie S. Forbes

A basic gluten free instructional cookbook including 24 of Carrie's favorite gluten free recipes.
This cookbook contains many of the best & most used recipes from here on GingerLemonGirl.com, along with additional brand new recipes that are not available on the website. 

$12.00 USD
NOW only $4.99 USD

E-book will be sent as a PDF file to your email within 24 hours of ordering.

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