Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Month, New Challenge

I joined a gym.

There. I said. it. Now I have to do it. 

I had no idea how incredibly intimidated I would feel.

Before I was married I was a member at Curves. I even worked there for a short time. It was a great gym for women, but the work out was very routine and actually after a while I was a bit bored.

I know I need the intensity of a regular "gym." But at the same time this is one of the biggest hurdles I'm going to face. To get in there with fit, lean, healthy people and have to show the world how unfit I really am.

So here it goes... trainer session is next week... until then I have time to get more comfortable about being there. Thursday is day one.
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  1. I know you feel intimidated!!! I was the same way when I joined a gym but I hope that you will grow to love going, as much as I have. I used to feel embarrassed or thought people were judging me, but I quickly realized, everybody is there to make themselves better and they are not paying any attention to you at all. Good for you!!!

  2. You can do it, Carrie! Just remember - half of the people in there spend their entire day at the gym, and the other half are so focused on their own bodies - be it because they're just intense on their workout, or because perhaps they're self-conscious about how unfit they too are. I totally empathize with the feeling (I was often the one at the gym making sure i wasn't running any slower than the guy next to me on the treadmills), but you can do it. Just focus on why you're there - to be fit and healthy - and celebrate your progress as you go. As you progress, you will enjoy the confidence that comes from feeling strong!

  3. Good luck and your trainer work for it :) I actually had to switch to exercising at home to actually exercise. I can't afford a personal trainer and I think running on an elliptical day in and day out wasn't doing me any good, so instead I started with 30day shred (30 days I can do that right?) and now am on to P90MS...I plan to do that for 180days and then maybe...just maybe try P90X.

  4. You go Carrie! I workout at the Y and I was doing great until January... I hate working out with lots of people. Well, due to the throngs of resolutioners the Y has been insane! Take a deep breath and no excuses. I'm hitting it again tonight... no excuses!

  5. I go to the gym often, but honestly, I never look at other people and what they're doing. I'm to focused on the magazine/book I'm reading. So most likely, no one will notice you. And you're not unfit -- you're on your way to fitness just by joining up and working out!

  6. I go to the gym everyday. I admit, sometimes I do notice other people. But, I mostly notice that they are there and working hard as well. Then I focus and get back to work. You really can grow to LOVE going. If not going, at least knowing you went.

  7. You can do it! Once you get in the habit it's not so bad. It's nice to have so much equipment to choose from!

  8. Good luck Carrie!! Just remember, no one really cares ... it just feels like they are looking at you. And if anyone is, boy do they have an insecurity complex of their own! Kick some butt, and have fun. :)

  9. Talk about intimidating....I work at a pool. I teach water aerobics and I teach theraputic aquatic classes to people with MS, arthritis, ataxia, aphasia, Parkinsons, people recovering from strokes and surgeries.....

    It took a while for me to realize that seriously, people are not there to oogle. They are there to get their workout. Most people don't even notice the people they walk past.

    You can do this and you are going to feel GREAT!

  10. Good luck! I did the Curves thing too for a while several years ago but got lazy about getting up early enough to go before work.


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