Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekend Setbacks

2008 Flashback
January 19, 2008 - Gluten Free Crescent Rolls

As you know I've been monitoring my food intake very closely lately. I've been journaling, writing down what I eat along with just being much more conscious about my food choices. (And not eating those awesome gluten free crescent rolls! If anybody figures out how to successfully make them dairy free you have to let me know!)

I had a wonderful weekend visiting family. The only downfall was my food choices. Actually it wasn't the choices, but the portions. It's amazing how quickly I want to revert back to large portions if I'm not actually writing down what I'm eating. Emotional eating can quickly follow.

So back to the basics this week. Portion sizes in check. Last week I found these really cute lunch boxes online and I purchased a set. It's similar to a bento type lunch, but it's all one container which is really convenient! Today's lunch was brought in the cute lunch box. Somehow packed lunches seem much more appetizing when they are in cute containers. Yes?

Setbacks are frustrating for me. I want to beat myself up. I get frustrated that I don't see immediate results when I drastically change my eating habits. And these feelings often revert back to emotional eating... which can revert to messy counters... which can revert to eating out. It's one big messy cycle.

Yet even though I do have a few dishes in the sink today (and really it is only a few -- much better record than before), and even though I just went through a few days of emotional eating... I'm jumping back on track today.

How do you handle food/activity/emotional setbacks?


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  1. Oh,I hear ya, Carrie! I'm trying to watch the portions as well, and I am journaling everything I eat as well (at sparkpeople), and it really is amazing how fast it adds up. But, slow & steady, right? And it's a lifestyle change, not a diet, that should help us to see that it isn't about one meal, or one weekend, or one's a lifetime. And your body will feel so much better when it's being fed well, and not overfed (I've come to hate that stuffed feeling, but always realize it too late). But, we'll get there. :) Food blogging does put on the lbs, I've found. But, after 12 weeks of working out (cardio & strength training), and eating better, I'm down 23 lbs! Woot! Woot! :) Email me if you ever need to vent, maybe we can motivate each other. :)

  2. I tend to beat myself up over bad food choices as well. There is always "next meal, Im back on track"......and then I have those times when ALL meals are bad choices and getting back on track is more difficult. Writing it down will help alot! Keep doing what you have been and it will work!

  3. Carrie - good for you for being kind to yourself. I love the idea of these lunch containers. I have to look into them for my lunchbox series. Speaking of - stop by if you want some lunchbox inspiration :) Hugs.

  4. Jeremy says I'm a container addict. I LOVE cute containers. it definitely makes it more fun. Good luck sweetie! I'm doing way too much emotional eating lately too. :( boo

  5. Ah, it's SO hard to eat healthfully when I'm at my MIL's house -- she doesn't understand what "gluten" is, and her main vegetable is a potato...I love her and she's awesome, but I always do a mini cleanse after a weekend there!
    But yes. Be kind to yourself. That's the most imporant thing.

  6. I have recently had to make some food changes in my life as well, including not eating out at restaurants. It's a really tricky adjustment to navigate. The change requires consistency and preparation, which I've never been good at. What I've done is to make it my #1 goal each day to stick to the new food regime. That way, every decision I make can be simplified. Do I go out and socialize after work? Do I schmooze with a co-worker at lunch? Do I stay late to get more work done? Only if I have something gluten-free to eat.

    I'm now inspired to clean up my messy kitchen! Thanks Carrie!

  7. Carrie,
    I've lost the weight before 123# in 9 months. When my son was diagnosed w/ autism, I gained most of it back. I know about emotional eating--let me tell ya.
    Join It's a FREE online weight loss community. There's gluten free groups, there's support, there's nutritional and exercise trackers, there's articles, there's challenges--did I mention it's free?! Look me up at I would be glad to be your cheerleader and help support you. :) The thing about setbacks is you have to learn a lesson from them. You can't make it a "oh poor me" or then that self loathing starts. You gotta say, "I shouldn't have done it. But now it's time to go again". I track EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth. Then I show it to my husband. That is a pretty good way to keep yourself in line too. OR if you join Sparkpeople you can make your tracker public so the whole world can view it. EEK! huh?!
    Punishment--clean your kitchen. LOL It's exercise and you will feel great when it's done. :)

    Wendy Hawkinson
    stampiepoo (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. That's interesting that you just posted this, because I sometimes have problems with a little emotional eating, infact I just posted a little about it. I think you should not be too hard on yourself, and let yourself eat if you need to, get it out of your system then sort out the root problem... i mean thats what ive been thinking recently... I beat myself up about stuffing myself with soy yoghurt and carob chocolate, because once i start I can't stop. but about the portions, just take as much as you need and feel what you eat! good luck!


  9. Carrie,
    You've got some great advice here. Everyone is spot on.
    It's OK, we all have setbacks. It's completely normal, and expected. Just shake it off, move forward, and make excellent choices at your next meal. The most important thing is to keep yourself mentally in the game. So if you have too much, don't get mad, get even by making smart choices again-immediately. Don't let one bad choice turn into a day or a week's worth of bad choices.
    Slow and steady, my dear. Baby steps all strung together will get you there.
    Also, love your lunchbox! Any time you can make it easy on yourself, do it. By not giving yourself the opportunity to eat too much, you are automatically making that good decision, and the good choices will build on each other, until eventually-it's not even a choice anymore. It's just how you live.
    If you have some time, you may want to check out the book "Switch" by the Heath brothers. Great insight on how humans make decisions.

  10. I like what Wendy said about making a setback about learning something. Whenever I have a setback (like I did this weekend after making muffins and then eating most of them in one day!), I try to figure out why it happened. Was it because I hadn't eat much that day, didn't get enough protein, not enough sleep, etc.? If I can pinpoint what set me up to fail, then I can try to make sure I fix it so I don't end up in the same situation the next day.

  11. Thanks for link to those lunchboxes! I might need to order. Personally, I follow Weight Watchers. I have found that if I look at other measures of success, rather than the scale, my life is easier. And, I have to consider it a way of life, and NOT a diet. Just like going gluten free, it's an adjustment period. And, like eating GF, you have to make it a habit. Three weeks is a really short time to make something a habit.

    Even still, you cannot - repeat CANNOT berate yourself, feel guilty or even otherwise disappointed when (not if) you have a setback. These setbacks remind us how we *should* be eating and living. And you will have fewer and fewer of them as time goes on. Feeling poorly about your choices is okay, but focusing on the bad choice is not. :) Consider it all a learning experience in your new way of life.

    :) You are doing GREAT! Keep it up!

  12. Thanks for the blog! I've just been gluten-free for 11 months. Doing well except for eating too much on occasion. You're right about intentional eating being the key. One thing I do that helps is when eating out I ask the waiter to bring a carryout box when my meal is served. That way I immediately tuck away half of it for another meal. That's an old trick I learned at WeightWatchers. Or if I'm feeling particularly green and bold I'll bring a container from home to tuck the extra food in! Great blog. Just started my gf sourdough starter. Can hardly wait to use it!