Sunday, June 6, 2010

30 Days of Gluten Free Quick & Easy Meals

What: Quick and Easy Meals for the next 30 days!

June 7th - July 6th


Would you like to contribute a guest post? Email me @ gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com

Posting Guidelines:
-Recipes need to be easily prepared in 20 minutes or less
-Gluten Free (of course!)
-A focus on whole foods, lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains, etc..

-Please use as little salt & sugar as possible
-If possible, please create meals that are dairy/casein & soy free
-Chicken, beef, healthy lean meat based main dishes are also welcome!

I taught a small gluten free baking class over the weekend. We baked a loaf of gluten free bread, made chocolate chip cookies, and just talked about gluten free living in general.

Laura asked "So what do you do for dinner?" Her question really intrigued me. It's so simple, yet it's something we face everyday.

I've learned to rely on using my pantry for quick dinners most nights, but I know this isn't as easy for people with children and have to get used to doing at least 5 things at once! (You moms out there really amaze me! I have a hard enough time keeping up with myself, my husband, and my cats! At this point in my life, I can't imagine adding children to the mix!)

So I thought it might be a fun experiment to chronicle our really quick dinners for the next 30 days. I am also welcoming ANYONE else who wants to contribute a post to this series!! Please email me at (gingerlemongirl at gmail dot com) to let me know you'd like to write a guest post for this series!

What I love about quick meals is that you can have a super easy dinner that's healthy, frugal, and delicious. No super expensive ingredients are necessary.

Our meals are mostly vegetarian, easy, and quick. Most of these meals take 20 minutes or less.

For a start, here are 3 meals that we already make a regular basis that are quick, easy, and delicious:

Super Easy Marinara Sauce - Serve over your favorite pasta and have a side salad!

Easy, Delicious Gluten Free Pancakes - Breakfast for dinner is one of our favorite meals!

Easy Gluten Free Stir Fry Recipe - Such an easy and delicious quick dinner!
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  1. Carrie,
    Love the idea of 30 quick GF meals! Great blog!
    Lauren Lucille

  2. Thank you Lauren!! Please email me if you'd like to do a guest post! I'd love for you too!

  3. Love, Love, Love this idea!
    Can't we all use more simple, healthy and quick meals in our repertoire.
    Looking forward to these as a patient reference.

  4. This will be a great adventure, Carrie! I'm tickled to be a part of it. :-)


  5. Oh, I can't wait for these recipes! I had enough trouble getting dinner on the table each night before my 9yo was dx with a casein and probable gluten allergy.

    And then maybe your next series could be for healthy, packable (as thrown in a sports bag) snacks for kids that are gf (and cf, if possible).

    I am at a loss as to what to pack for my boys, ages 6 & 9, when they head out to soccer practice, their homeschool co-op, or just hiking for the day. My usual snacks of crackers and cheese and homemade granola bars (which included wheat flour and wheat germ) are out. And my little one won't eat fruit - except for bananas, which don't travel well.

    Oooh, come to think of it, maybe you could revamp that granola bar recipe for me (it was truly scrumptious!) I blogged about it and included the recipe here:

    After making them a couple of times, I did cut the honey and sugar in half and they were still super yummy... but what to do about all that wheat?!

  6. GF Mom of 2 here! One of my new favorites is GF "impossible pies". I make the "bisquick" and keep it in the freezer. Quick, frugal & yummy!