Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Simple Salad and Lessons on Eating...

As you know, I just finished Meghan's fantastic Green Smoothie Cleanse program. I have learned so many things in the past 6 days. For instance at one point today I thought I was really hungry, I just wanted to munch on something... instead of instantly grabbing for a snack, as I normally would... I stopped and thought about why I was hungry.

Was I truly hungry? Was I thirsty instead? Was I bored?

I realized I had not had very much to drink so I decided to have a glass of water. After the water I wasn't hungry anymore. This revelation is a huge accomplishment for me.

Meghan is truly onto something when she talks about conscious eating. This one concept alone could change my life. I've always been a conscious buyer, being very aware of needs and wants... yet for some reason up until now I have never applied this towards how I eat. I know that you shouldn't eat when you are stressed, bored, or thirsty... and as simple as this is, I never truly understood how to put this into practice.

I love food. I always will... I can't deny that fact or try to change it. But I can change my relationship with food. How I eat, what I eat, how much I eat, and when I choose to eat. And for that Meghan, I will always be in your debt. I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and encouragement! You have helped me to get on the right steps towards positive, life long healthy weight goals.

I am gradually adding whole foods back into my diet. Today I had a salad for lunch. It was the first time I had eaten foods in their whole form in 3 days. It amazed me how quickly a simple salad of all vegetables with an olive oil and vinegar dressing could fill me up! And it was so satisfying.

For dinner, I decided to make a large salad with some of my produce from the past three days. I had a salad of mixed greens with the following on top:

- 1 shredded carrot
- 1/2 an avocado
- 1/2 cup shredded red cabbage
- 1/2 an apple
- 1 stalk of celery, chopped
- 1/2 of a medium zucchini, julienned
- 1/4 of an orange, juice squeezed over the salad
- drizzle of olive oil
- drizzle of sesame oil
- drizzle of red wine vinegar
- sprinkling of black sesame seeds

This was a delicious, fast, and filling salad! It was beautiful presentation, and it was a dinner I felt great about eating. How often do you leave the dinner table with a true sense of healthy wellbeing? Tonight I felt that way. It made me smile!

For dessert? Yes I wanted something crunchy, or sweet... but decided on a simple fruit smoothie with a banana, homemade almond milk, and a few strawberries! It was simple and delicious and instantly curbed my sugar craving!! I can do this... I know I can!

Here's to your good health!
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  1. How awesome! You are definitely on the right track!

    I remember when I first went through this process of healthy choices and all that. It was revolutionary for me, too.

  2. What you have written here, is exactly why I do what I do. To help people develop positive relationships with good food. Real food. To work towards building their health rather than disease and see that it can be easy, delicious and even spiritual in nature. Every client I meet with has some form of disordered eating. We, as a society obsessed with our food but not in a positive way. Food is delicious and should be enjoyed with positive feelings around it. Its when we indulge in the things that are not supportive of our health that we begin to build negativity towards food, ourselves and the way we look and feel.

    I am so thankful that you had this positive experience and I hope that your transformation will be inspiration to others to hop on the health train :)

    All the best!

  3. The biggest lesson I learned from this cleanse was mindful eating. In the last day or so I feel less hungry during the day and feel satisfied with smaller portions. I couldn't believe how good and satisfied I felt after drinking a smoothie.

  4. That is a beautiful salad - I love salads! Before I went gluten-free and started eating au naturale I thought salads were so boring. I think most people's idea of a salad is one of those wedge salads with a slab of iceberg lettuce drenched in bleu cheese and bacon bits. But isn't it amazing to discover that fresh, seasonal vegetables are SO GOOD!! I especially love the spicier greens out there, arugula, watercress, mustards - all you need is a really good olive oil, and some crunchy nuts to put on top. This is what I eat for lunch every day. I think if most people really knew how good salads could be, they would eat more of them. Good luck on your whole-foods journey!